Download Dr Driving 2 9App Game Free – Have Quick Tech Guide

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Download the Dr. Driving 2 game on 9 apps. You would not find this game on Google Play Store. Dr. Driving 2 game is a mobile game which is one of the best driving simulation games of all time. The graphics are real, and you get to see the roads, the inside of the cars, and all car functions such as braking, steering and changing gears. The fun part starts when you are told to tighten the seat belt. The instructions are crystal clear and come written on the screen. It is a race, and thus you get to see the banner saying’ Finish.’ Post that, you would get to see how much time was left before your game ended, how much distance you drove for, and the points you earned.


Dr Driving 2 9App Game

Download Dr Driving 2 9App Game free - Have Quick Tech Guide

Download Dr Driving 2 9App Game free – Have Quick Tech Guide

Driving Test

The first level is your driving test, and then directs you are taken to drive in the school zone which means you should know the driving challenge when you are going past a school, and the third level is where you have to obey all traffic signals. Next, to the school, you cannot cross 30 km per hour, then suddenly you are driving fast again, the fun of it would only surface when you are playing the game, it is even more fun than it sounds.

Small cars – Dr. Driving 2

The other exciting part is that your vehicle is a small car such as a nano which is a pleasant respite of all driving simulation games where you are driving cars with superpowers.

Supercars – Extreme Car Racing

If you do not like small cars and want to go back to super car racing and gaming, then the other game in this package is for you. This game is called extreme car driving. In this second game, you can drive, go to the garage, get credits, and choose your game language at first, you also get an option to remove all ads, so pick that option for a smooth gaming time, you have an array of super cars to unlock and choose from, and different colors in all your super cars, you get to paint your car out of colors from MS paint brush. The airport graphics are a visual treat, your car can drive in water, and the game spans out very well.

Jeep and Sedan driving – Dr driving 2019

This is the third game in the list. A lovable jeep is given to you, and you get stuck in the middle of the road locked against a bus, you sort that crash situation out, and you adjust the rear view mirror where the rear mirror view is quite refreshing. You go about completing levels one after another. There are green fields on both sides. The final levels have a Sedan taking the place of the jeep, and your game develops so on and so forth.

The game is for young players who wish to showcase their raw talent of driving, and the game tends towards both sober and rash driving which would appeal people of all age groups from kids to youth.

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