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Face Edit App for Android Mobile Devices

The editing thing is taking over the whole young generation and there are so many things that there are out there that you can get from the editing apps nowadays. The Face edit app is one of the best apps that you can get. You just have to get to the home screen and choose the Face edit app or you can get one from 9apps. 9apps is one stop store for everyone who is looking out for such editing apps. Here are some features that you can get from Face edit app and you need to look out for these as to use the app to the fullest.


The features of the app are the only thing that makes everyone to take the most out of the app or game. There are so many face editing apps that you can get and the features in here are all from Face edit app. Look out for these –

1) Face Editing

The whole procedure is simple and you can get all things done when using the Face edit app on your mobile phone. All you need is to use your gallery to import the pictures that you want to edit and the app will do its work.

2) Parts of Face

You can change the parts of the face with the help of this app which is really amazing. If you are using the app then you will see that you can replace them and add some new things to it. This is all for free and there is no fee that you need to pay to use the app.

3) Add Hair or Mustache

The app is filled with exciting things and if you have some things like this then you can use the hair and mustaches and many other that you can use as an additional thing for the pictures.

4) Rotate Parts

The picture angles can be rotated when using the app. Choose the angle which looks the best. This is all that you need and when using the apps, these parts can turn out to be beneficial for you when using the app.

5) Text Add

Add text of your choice to the pictures that you are editing with Face edit app.

6) Corrections

Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, clarity and other such corrections can be done with the app. You can use Face edit app to change these things and use them for your corrections.

7) Sharing

Share the pictures with your loved ones and your friends directly from the app.

8) A Perfect App

As a whole, this is a perfect app and you can get all types of edit on Face edit app.

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