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Facebook is, without doubt, one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. The site launched in 2004 is widely used by millions across the world, who use the site to share posts, photos, videos and interact with friends and celebrities. You can like what friends post and comment on their posts and also get people all over the world to like and comment on what you share.

facebook lite apkpure

Facebook is the No. 1 social media site in the world with more than 2,234 million users. Of all the Facebook users in the world, 294 million are from India, which is at first rank, second only to the US which is at 204 million. No wonder it is so popular and everyone likes to browse through Facebook to view photos and posts of friends. Facebook is popular not just in city areas, but even in smaller towns and villages. A problem in smaller towns is internet facility.

To be of help to those who live in areas where internet connectivity is not so good, or where data usage is a problem Facebook has come out with Facebook Lite, which was introduced in August 2009. This is useful as it uses less bandwidth and helps those who have data usage limitations. Facebook Lite was made into an app and introduced in 2015, with a file size of less than 1MB.  

It is basically meant for 2G type of internet connectivity, where speed is slow. A lite application helps in conserving mobile data. Also, those who has less bandwidth and data plans with less per day usage, Facebook Lite is a great option as it saves data.

Features of Facebook Lite:

Facebook Lite has most of the features that the regular app has. The difference being it is scaled down so that the file size is less and it uses less data. Some of the prominent features this app has are:

  1. You can post status updates, post photos and videos, like and comment on other people’s posts, just the same way you have been doing all these days. There is no difference.
  2. You can add friends, chat with them and experience social networking at its best. Messenger Lite is a related app which can be downloaded for this.
  3. You can get the latest news from around the world through the Newsfeed. You can follow celebrities and interact with them.
  4. Photos are as clear the regular app, you won’t find any change in the quality.
  5. All the features to make friends and interact with them are available. Social networking at its best is offered.

Installation and usage

https://9apps.download/facebook-lite-apkpure/ – this is the webpage on the 9Apps website from which you can download Facebook Lite. Downloading and installing is very simple, click on the download button and then tap the file when downloaded to install.   

Enjoy using your favorite social media app the way you used it always. It is faster, uses less data and allows you to enjoy the FB experience in full.

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