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The Facebook lite app is a wonderful free networking app. Through which all the friends and relatives are being united from near and far with the intention of getting to know about one another. In this way, through a social networking site, we can get to know each other from various parts of the world.

Social Networking site is an online service, platform or a site. This social networking site connects, unites and expands people from over the world. Whereby, there are many other social networking websites available, such as Facebook, Twitter 9apps, LinkedIn and so on. In which Facebook lite is the most popular and public website.

It’s a platform which makes us stay united to all unknown people. This app is available in 9apps fast download. Facebook is a site whereby we can share photos, articles, upload the videos and so on. We can even follow any actors or actress on Facebook by clicking on the Like option.

Even comments, posts and status can be posted on the Facebook site. At present, around 850 million people are members of this site. Recently, many companies are providing this Facebook service on various Mobile Apps too.


  1. Once when you Login into your Facebook account, through “search” option criteria above, you can search for your friends or even you can Like or send a friend request through it.
  2. Next, on clicking on your Profile, you can update your status, or upload any videos or songs.
  3. After that, in order to come to the main page, you can click on Home button, and it will take you to Facebook lite Home Page, apart from that near the search Logo at the side of it is “f”, by clicking on it too, it will take you to the Main page of Facebook
  4.  The next feature is “Find Friends”, on this you can send the Friend request or search for your friends.
  5.  Next comes Friend Requests, in this you can find the friends who have sent you the Friend request which can be confirmed on clicking on the Confirm or Delete Request button.
  6.  Messages: In this category, the friends who have chatted with you get stored in it.
  7.  Notifications: Any photo related Likes or comments received can be found in the Notification toolbar.

Finally, coming to an end, Liking the above Features of Facebook. Then, do not delay by thinking, Just get it installed in your Android Mobile by just clicking on the 9apps through APK in order to get in touch with your friends and relatives from everywhere in the world.

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