Facebook mentions apk app download for Android – 2018

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Facebook Mentions APK download from 9apps

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Facebook Mentions is an utmost new app for all verified users of the global social network, and currently available for all users who are incurred with Android devices. This app doesn’t seem to be applicable to all, instead you need to have a blue tick of verification/fame to get the access of it. It is mainly because Facebook Mentions is assigned to grant access to the verified users a very easy way of sharing public status, updates, photo and videos with fans to keep going along with their real friends. Mentions will display to all fans and followers, but in the other way it is also assigned for all live video streaming. This app is presently accessible to all verified figures of public. This app is a better way app to all actors, musicians, journalists and other influencers to stay connected with all their followers and the people and things that they care about on Facebook.

Approximately 800 million people are already connected to public figures on Facebook, and in touch with all athletes, musicians, actors and other influencers. And thus, from the cheering on World Cup Players to the checking up updates from their favourite celebrities, more than a billion connections between public figures and their fans are incurred on the Facebook every week. Furthermore, such connections are needed to be made even better. This app is offered by Facebook, the actual version of this app is 77.0 and acquires the supporting version of the Android device incurring 4.1 and above. This app is very much accessible on 9 Apps and can be installed without any interruptions. This is a new app created in order to make it easier for all public figures to communicate with their fans and each other. This app was lastly updated on March 3, 2017. And can very easily have the access on all Android devices without any worries.


Below mentioned are the authentic features of this app, have a look at them

  1. This app grants you access to incur on Live: Publish your story as it is happening with a live video. It is truly a better way for all actors, sportspeople, journalists and other public figures to stay connected with their followers and also the people and topics they care of.
  2. Sharing Accessible on this App: A user can share various updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all incurred in one app.
  3. Connected with Followers: Check out to what the people are talking about you and the topics you are very much interested in
  4. Stay in connection with the Loop: Collect all the posts from the people and follow and see trending stories all incurred in one place and in one app

Facebook mentions apk app download for Android – 2018

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