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Are you a celeb and have a blue tick mark on your Facebook page, and you are inundated with lots of rave reviews by your fans, questions  about your personal life and a lot of dirt coming your way for when the public did not find your dress or behavior appropriate then Facebook mentions is the way to go.  Facebook has developed this app for those who are celebs and those who get no privacy. When these celebs want to chat with their real-life friends, then they can now do so with the help of Facebook mentions.

There is nothing these celebs will regret about getting this app on the phone. The app could be found on Apple phones only initially. This is a fun mobile app, and celebs can surprise friends with different kind of message and pictures. It is an excellent app to have for when you are a social circuit regular and have a verified profile which you want to showcase.

There are so many things that you can do with this app, and there are a lot of users using this app for good. It competes with all those fantastic social life apps that are there in the market. The app has so far reached 40 countries.

Many people were complaining about Facebook mentions just for Apple so recent news said that they had got Android onboard too, and now Facebook mentions can also be found on Android.

1) Users

There are a lot of things that you need to know about the app, and first of all, you can only and only use this app if you are a celeb and have a verified page in your name. Not just with other celebs, but you can also chat with fans if you have time, and in that sense, it would be more credible than Twitter or would be like Twitter.

The apps of this kind make the person look more real than anything, and it is the best thing that you can get from social media. You will feel real things when using up the app, and it can benefit you in a much better way than other social apps.

So, if you are not a celeb, there is no point in trying to download this app because you cannot.

2) Features

It has many a Facebook feature such as you can post your status, photos, videos, live videos, and questions and answers all for your fans. This way any celeb can get closer to their fans.

3) Endorsements

Celebs are bound to be happy with this Facebook mentions app because this means more endorsements are coming the way of the said celeb.

4) Reporting

Another unseen and unimaginable thing which happened with Facebook coming out with Facebook mentions is that reporters who are covering Syria and Iraq and who are celeb reporters would bring the news a little closer to the fans who are following them, and the world could be a better place. On another note, the pope also uses Facebook mentions, another world-changing attempt by Facebook creators.  


Below mentioned are the authentic features of this app, have a look at them

  1. This app grants you access to incur on Live: Publish your story as it is happening with a live video. It is truly a better way for all actors, sportspeople, journalists and other public figures to stay connected with their followers and also the people and topics they care of.
  2. Sharing Accessible on this App: A user can share various updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all incurred in one app.
  3. Connected with Followers: Check out to what the people are talking about you and the topics you are very much interested in
  4. Stay in connection with the Loop: Collect all the posts from the people and follow and see trending stories all incurred in one place and in one app

To get the access of this app on your device, just switch on to 9apps apk download directly without incurring a single penny and get the installation done without any worries, as it is extremely free of cost.

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