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Download Facebook lite from 9apps for with an instant access in your mobile, fB chinese site application of facebook in which you can view profiles chart postmaster very fastly as it is our daily pack application which uses less storage space and less data to open. FB Lite work on all Android phone version as well as new android application so it doesn’t matter that what versions of FB Lite you have install in your Android mobile, and the best thing is that due to its lightweight applications it use very few data and storage space in our mobile. FB Lite support all network that is 2G, 3G, 4G etc.

Why Facebook social interaction?
Life is very fast now and it’s not possible to communicate each member and visit personally to meet them so we need a platform where we can socially make interact with each other with the help of life teacher facility light live video chatting, photos, send message etc. Facebook provide a platform where we can keep in touch with our family, friend and colleagues. facebook has some advanced feature for interaction like we can create groups in which we can join like minded people, page creation – we can create pages for public of or commercial par and invite member to like our page and with the help of this page we can provide information about our thoughts on our business policy.

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