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If you are looking for a great architectural app or when you have come looking for home ideas that you can discuss with your architect then floor plan creator is the app for you. 

Floor plan creator is an architecture app which lets you design your home yourself. This app enables you to calculate room area, walls and flat area, the perimeter of the area in question. 

S Pen and Mouse support 

You get S pen and mouse support for precise clicks which come handy when using an art app. With the S pen, you can quickly move and resize images. 

You also become savvy with symbols such as doors, double doors, and windows. 

This app lets you create and share floor plans quick and fast. The floor plan is created to be precise. You should see the floor plan in 3 D, or print to scale. 


You should add furniture to design the interiors. Have a floor plan to check if there is even enough room for new furniture. 

Options among shapes and parts of a room 

Projects can have many floors with different ways of rooms. 

For example, if you were designing your bathroom, then it would have a bathtub, just among baths, you would get many options such as a usual bathtub, or a corner bathtub, asymmetrical bathtub, or a Jacuzzi. 

Between each bathroom element which you add, there could be shapes such as square shape, L shape, U shape, and T shape elements. Now, you would also see the different portions of the bath such as hand basin, the bidet,  the urinal and where all these elements would go respectively in the bathroom. You would also be given options such as where is your water heater, and where is your floor drain. 

Different rooms spelled out clearly 

You would see a place, a bathroom, a kitchen and a passageway or a gallery all spelled out clearly. 

3D image of rooms 

The exact dimensions of the rooms would also be available at your fingertips. You get to see the 3D shape of how the house would look. 

Different floors 

You could also diversify the floor plan of the ground floor from that of the first floor. You would also clearly see the floor plan with the minutest of details such as the boundary wall of the house. There is the cloning feature when you want two spaces to be exactly alike. 

Miscellaneous features 

You can introduce existing projects and which can be used as a template. 

This app lets you make floor plans and make home design, you can create designs of interiors, you could give your furniture 3  D effect, you can create office layout, and fire and emergency exit, this software helps to make for different type of plans of floors which can have versatile application and also different templates. The Internet provides online designs; the user needs to make only small changes, the format goes well with an export diagram and many graphics. You can also export plans as images. 

This app is a native Android version which can run both on computers and mobiles. 

You can download it through the 9app which provides you with many different new and innovative ideas regarding your plan and your interiors.