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There are numerous games that you can play to keep yourself entertained and keep an eye on the hottest trends in mobile games, if that is your idea too then there is nothing that can stop you from staying abreast and enjoying a game of fruit slice. By cutting the fruit thrown at you, you can earn a lot of bonus. The kind of fruits would be in a variety such as pineapples, oranges, and coconuts. The fact that these fruits are so easily discernible from one another makes for the fact that the graphics of the game are excellent. The fruit looks very much like how fruits do in real life, and that makes the game a lot of fun to play. The game is very colorful because it is all about crushing fruits.

The game is free of cost, and you are right, no need to pay anything for something which is so necessarily basic, but despite being a primary game, it is very entertaining. The game is by Droidhen Casual, and hats off to the man for this concept game. It is ranked very high on the customer review scale, that is 4.4, and can be played for hours without getting yourself tired.

The game is in simple English, and not in your native tongue.

How does the app operate?

This is the most successful English language fruit game app in the world right now, and you can play this news breaking game on phones which have a slow processor also.

Responsive controls

Since it is a touch screen, therefore, it is susceptible, and out of all the fruit dicing games there are, this game is the best. No one likes playing slow mobile games. Therefore, it is a  good thing that the game has been kept so basic that at least it does not slow down. But, some critics have been heard saying that the app shuts down when an advertisement pops up and is that not the problem with all games?

Game levels

The game is very indulging, and one cannot just play one level, and that also means that the makers inclined the game in a way that the users would be able to finish one degree after another and reach new game milestones every day.

Game Size

The game is the smallest game by size in the market. For such a little size game, the game quality is excellent. It also does not occupy a lot of space on the phone which is a good thing.


The game can be found in the action game category if in case you want to download. Download it fast because you are missing out on something. It is a skill and flair game so you can be proud of being a good player.


Below mentioned are the authentic features of this app, just check them out

  1. This game app is incurred with plenty of colourful graphics
  2. Accessible with various game controls
  3. Incurred with plenty of game levels
  4. Very much absorbing game play this game has been featured with

Fruit Slice game – ninja fruit slice game free download APK

After noting down the above features of the Fruit Slice game app and to get the complete access of it without incurring any subscription fee just switch on to 9app without any worries and enjoy this game to the fullest without any hassles and interruptions.

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