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When you work with your mobile phones, there are so many files that you have. It may be images, photos, screenshots, gif files, videos, audio files. All these files are stored on your mobile device in your SD card. Anyone who has access to your mobile can open the folder and see what you have stored. They can open all the files and see them. It is even possible for them to download your files if they get access to your mobile.

When you are having some files on the mobile, which you don’t want others to see, you would like it to be private. Your mobile is your personal device, you have a privacy right to keep any files of your choice, which others should not be able to see. You can keep a password, but if someone takes your mobile when the password has been opened then they can see the files. For example, a parent or spouse may forcibly take the mobile and check it and see all the files there.

If you want a solution for this, then there is a privacy app available for Android and other platforms. This is Gallery Vault. This is one of the best apps to protect your privacy on your mobile and prevent others from seeing your files. Its very simple, when you install this app, it creates a secret folder. You can move all your private files to the folder and it becomes invisible. No one can see these files, they cannot even see the folder. It is a great app to protect your data from being seen by others.

Features of Gallery Vault app :

  1. All private files can be moved to the gallery vault and it becomes hidden and encrypted. No one can access these files, they can’t even see the gallery vault folder, it is so secure.
  2. When you put the files in the vault, you can open it and view from the app itself, there is no need to use any other app to view files, and browse images and videos.
  3. It offers one-tap features to save files from your browser or other apps directly into the gallery vault, where it remains a secret.
  4. If someone tries to break into the vault and tries to access, you get an alert so you can know when it happened.
  5. Your hidden files are on the mobile itself, the only thing it can’t be seen and accessed. A passcode feature is available to access the vault and the files in it.
  6. It is very easy to use and has an excellent user interface. When you are working with the app, if someone comes and you want to quickly close the app, no problem – just shake the phone and the app gets hidden.

To protect your privacy and prevent others from accessing your private files, you can download and install the Gallery Vault app from the 9Apps website. Once installed it solves all your privacy issues and is a great way to protect your data.

Below mentioned are the Unique Features of Gallery Vault, just make a note of them

  1. Encryption of the hidden files are incurred in this app
  2. Invisible Gallery Vault: It grants complete access in hiding icons, and everything can be hidden except you
  3. Good Rapport of the hidden SD card: All files can be hidden in SD card and moving all your files to SD card in order to save your device.
  4. Integration of the Web Browser: Private Web browser is very well integrated and grants support in downloading all images and videos in web page with a single tap.
  5. Users Experience: A beautiful, smooth and elegant experience of the user is very well incurred in this app
  6. Unlimited Storage: To hide photos and videos and store them no limits are incurred
  7. Immediate Closing: In case you need to want to close in a hurry then just shake your phone.
  8. This app well supports hiding and playing GIF images
  9. Input of Fake Pass code: show fake content when you input fake passcode.


As, you all very well know after checking out the above prescribed features, this app very well supports the privacy protected by you, then simply move on to the website 9app download apk and install without any worries, and get the installation done exclusively free of cost.

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