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Gionee xender download for Android & windows mobile

While working on your mobile, you may want to send files that you have to others. While at work, there may be some documents you want to send. It could be pictures or even full-length movies that you want to send. One way to send files to other is of course, by making use of email. A small problem is that email makes use of the internet to send files. But supposing you don’t have internet connectivity and still want to send files or you want to skip making use of internet and still end files. How can you do this?

The answer is Xender from Gionee. Xender is a file sharing app. It works on proprietary technology and sends files from one device to another. It could be from mobile to mobile or mobile to tablet or even mobile to a PC/laptop. It is not only used to send files from Android mobiles to each other, but it also supports cross-platform functionality and can send from one operating system mobile to another.

Xender is the best way to share files with your friends and colleagues. Whenever you want to send large files like movies, you can do it easily and quickly using Xender. There is no need of an internet connection, you can send files just like that. It makes use of the Wi-Fi connectivity technology, without using the internet. This technology is faster even than Bluetooth. It helps in sending large files very quickly and in an easy way. 

Features of Xender App:

  1. File transfer: Xender can be used to transfer any kinds of files without using the internet, either from mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Photos, documents, videos and even the apps (apk file) can be transferred using this app.
  2. Effective: It is faster than Bluetooth. It is much easier to use compared to any other app including Airdrop. There is no need of having NFC feature on your mobile.
  3. Cross-platform support: The app supports sending of files between various platforms. Cross-platform use is a major feature of this app. You can send from an Android device to another. You can send from Android to iOS, Android to Windows mobile, and Android to PC.
  4. No restrictions: There are no restrictions on the use of Xender to transfer files. You can transfer any number of files any types of files from one device to another. There are no restrictions or limitations on the type of file or the number of files that can be transferred by using the Xender app.
  5. Easy to use: The app is very easy to use. It is simple and well-designed and has an excellent and user-friendly interface. Anyone can use this app easily and there is no difficulty in transferring files. Both devices need to have Xender installed on it. 

Visit the 9Apps website to download and install Xender app and use it to share and transfer any types of files with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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