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With a smartphone you can do a lot. It can be not just your phone but your diary, calendar, weatherman and much more. And, if it’s an Android, even better. Because you can make your phone much smarter than it was by just by downloading the app Go Launcher from 9Apps and using its conveniences.

By adding certain functionalities to your existing phone, you give yourself more conveniences and make your phone more attractive. Before we go in to what you can do to enhance your phone’s functionalities and looks, let’s find out a bit about the GO Launcher.

What is GO Launcher?

GO Launcher is a personalization app for Android phones, offering over 10,000 beautifully designed mobile themes, including 2D and 3D. These are done in a variety of styles in various categories, such as game, cartoons, stars, anime, etc. They come with 3D screen effects, widgets and more than 100,000 free HD wallpapers which would be ideal for you to customize your menu, home screen and lock screen.

It is very popular for being highly customizable. It allows you to revamp every aspect of your mobile phone’s home screen. From Go Launcher, you can get both—a plain vanilla Android-type launcher and a highly sought-after theme system that you can download updated themes from.


Highly customizable: Android is on all devices, but companies add on one more layer on to it to make it look different. If you still feel you want to make it look different, you can change its icon size, font, label colours, etc and give it a refreshingly different look. The GO Launcher has all of this.

Speedy and secure OS: The 3D engine is independently developed, making the app faster and more secure in operation.

Amazing 3D effects: The 3D effects here are simple and smooth and meant for Android mobile users all over the world.

Set Smart Gestures: This feature of the GO Launcher helps you set an app or shortcut you want to launch any of your favourite apps like WhatsApp or any other.

Swipe down: Just one swipe down of your finger is enough to find a particular app.

Locks app icons: If your children play with your phone and move icons, you can rearrange them the way you like them by simply locking the app icons so that they don’t move but remain where they are.

Wallpaper: Each day, several HD wallpaper styles are updated to the app, such as flowers, outer space, landscapes, beauty and pets. These are drawn from all over the world and from the artworks of international class designers.

Widgets for convenience: Here, you can access search, the yearly calendar, weather forecast, etc.

Scroll Effects: Find over 20 drawer and screen animation 3D effects.

Phone security and privacy: For your safety and privacy, this app hides both the APP and APP lock.

Boost phone speed: Download Dr. Clean to increase your phone speed.

DIY Live Wallpaper:  Use live animations to set as your phone’s wallpaper. You can also beautify your photo collection with these wallpapers.

Caller Identification: Identify unknown callers and block spam calls.

Loads of ads: A lot of user time is wasted in getting rid of obtrusive ads while downloading.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download GO Launcher app in your device through 9Apps now by tapping on the header or footer options and get it installed directly through APK now ex prime version and latest version..

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