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Of the various kinds of games available on smartphones, the games that people like the most are those which involve fighting with weapons and flying helicopters and planes. This game is one of the most popular games as it has both these features. You have helicopter gunship in this game that you have to fly to different places. You need to use the guns to attack and destroy the enemy. This feature of the game is what makes it so attractive and popular. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular games on Android.

There are 70 million downloads of this game, which shows how popular and liked this game is. The game is all about flying a helicopter gunship and taking it on military missions. This is a 3D game with great graphics, smooth gameplay, and exciting sound effects. You will really love this game if you are a fan of first-person action games involving shooting.

First, you have to learn how to fly the helicopter. You must learn to fly the helicopter and also operate the different types of guns in it. There are various levels available where you take the helicopter gunship for a mission. You need to watch out for enemy attack and protect yourself and at the same time, you must attack the enemies and destroy them. You need to complete the mission before returning back.

Features of Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D game:

  1. There are multiple helicopter types available, each one of them has different features. You can select the one you like and change whenever you want.
  2. Since it is a gunship, you need to load the helicopter with weapons. There are different types of weapons from small guns to large missile launchers. As you play the game and advance to higher levels, you can get more powerful weapons to destroy your enemies.
  3. The Episode mode breaks up the entire game into episodes. Each episode involves a mission. These missions are all based on real situations in wars and battles. The missions are exciting to play and have goals which have to be cleared. You have to take the helicopter to the mission area and fight the enemy and destroy them, before completing the mission.
  4. Once you complete a mission, you can move on to the next mission and continue playing. You can also replay custom missions if you want.
  5. You have to fly your helicopter over the air, over water, over land. There are also mid-air dig fights with other helicopters and fighter jets. This makes the game more exciting and interesting as you have to keep your eyes open at all the time to protect yourself from the enemies and complete the mission.

Some of the authentic features, just have a look at them

  1. This game app is incurred with plenty of awesome graphics
  2. It is also incurred with heavy loaded equipments and ammunition
  3. Very inspiring real scenery and graphics of 3D incurred in this app
  4. Excellent effects of sound firing
  5. This game app is accessed with 40 missions of various levels to be achieved.

Download Gunship Battle with unlimited gold APK

The Gunship battle helicopter 3D game is a great action game to play and enjoy. This is one of the best action games which is thrilling and exciting to play. You can install this game on your mobile from the 9app  website and enjoy playing it.

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