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Hotstar App download from 9apps –

Have you ever wanted an award-winning and quality app where you could easily watch some TV, surf online for best-rated shows and basically, have an app where you can rest all your entertainment concerns and where you would not get bored, then Hotstar app is for you.

Hotstar app download for android 9apps

Hotstar is a live streaming android app which can be downloaded from 9 apps. First, you need to register and then when you have made an account; you can start browsing the videos of your choice such as sports, news, movies and the recent best shows known as CoMMa shows. CoMMa shows are a collection of Broadway musicals, concerts and comedy shows. Few people know that CoMMa shows mean City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium shows.

International Shows

This is quality entertainment and world-class. You get all this and for no cost at all. The downloads are free alongside being hassle-free. Therefore, this video platform is the best and most sought after video platform out of all those others which compete with Hotstar. Hotstar also has demand just in one country but many nations. This is because the streaming is world class.

Regional Shows

You can watch TV on Hotstar. You get serials, live sports channels, and many shows on high definition. Hotstar believes in going genuinely international, and therefore, it has started to support regional language shows. From Hindi to Bengali and Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, the reach of Hotstar are indeed every geographical location and all this is also without having its clients incur any cost. You would not believe that the total number of languages which Hotstar covers is 17 languages. The amount of content that is there on Hotstar gives you entertainment worth one lakh hours at any given point.


When it comes to games, there is not one channel or one game, but all sports such as cricket, badminton, and even kabaddi is covered. But, cricket remains a favorite with many and Hotstar got rave reviews for the way it covered IPL 2018. The highlights and replays were superb. Hotstar was the app which saw the most number of simultaneous viewers view IPL on a single platform.


With Hotstar you are always aware of what is happening in the world. It could be knowing who is the favorite stand comedian in the world to who is the most beloved TV character. The whole app is free, but there are in-app purchases which are worth it. You will love going back to Disney, the way Hotstar has it. Hotstar content varies from nation to nation.

The picture in Picture Mode

As one would expect from any sensible entertainment online owner, the content is ad-free. The quality of experience one gets on Hotstar is very high. There is PIP or picture in picture mode which means you can view your show on the right corner of the screen and work on a project in the other tab of the screen. Hotstar has the best UI and keeps experimenting to always come up at the top of things.

Awards and Rating

The app gets 4.5 on the app ratings. Hotstar has been rated as Google’s most entertaining app for the year 2018, and that might get repeated for 2019.

Key features of hotstar app-

  1. The registered users of this app can watch their favourite multimedia content in their preferred language as it supports different regional languages.
  2. You can also watch your favourite movie buffs as this amazing app brings to you all the trending, most popular, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil movies as per their choice and preference and that’s too, without paying anything.
  3. Sport fans can also watch their favourite live match of cricket, badminton, hockey, Kabaddi and other sports right from the app and also watch full movie highlights from any recently concluded match on hotstar.
  4. By switching to this app, you can also watch that content which you will never find on television along with exclusive content produced exclusively for hotstar that ranges from the most talked about stand up group to your favourite characters in your favourite serials and much more.

Hotstar app download go solo Apk direct from 9apps –

So, if you really want to download this app in order to avail it seamless interesting and amazing features then just tap on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from download 9Apps through APK now..

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