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Star TV is one of the well-known TV channels in India. It is one of the first TV channels to start in India has now a huge network in India with a number of channels in English, Hindi, and most of the regional languages. The network offers entertainment channels, sports channels, and lifestyle channels. All these channels are extremely popular.

If you are a fan of Star TV’s shows and broadcast and are not able to watch their program, then don’t worry. Star TV brings you Hotstar, a great app that allows you to watch Star TV channels live on your mobile phone. You can watch Live TV including cricket matches and other sports events from Star Sports. You can watch your favorite Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and other language TV serials.

It also allows you to view original shows and web series some of which are exclusive for Hotstar users. This is a great way to enjoy high-quality entertainment using your mobile phone. Hotstar is a very popular app and has already been installed by millions of users on their mobile phones who enjoy Live TV and other shows. 

The app is available for free, there are no charges to either download the app or watch content on it. It is a great way to enjoy entertainment on your mobile phone.

Features of Hotstar App:

  1. Live TV: You can watch TV live on your mobile phone for free. No payment needed, you can watch your favorite shows, serials for free. English, Hindi, regional languages – you can watch all Star TV channel shows for free using the hotstar app. It’s a great way to enjoy TV watching for those who are not at home in front of the TV.
  2. Sports action: Star Sports is one of the top sports channel and telecasts live sporting action, especially cricket. Indian love cricket and would like to watch live cricket matches. Hotstar allows you to watch live cricket on your mobile for free. You can enjoy your favorite sporting action on your mobile phone
  3. Content: Hotstar has a huge database of contents. It has more than 100,000 hours of shows and movies in 17 different languages. There is so much content, you won’t have time to watch everything. Apart from TV shows, there are also web series available. These web series are exclusive content available only on the Hotstar platform. TV viewers don’t get to see this, only Hotstar viewers can see it on their mobile phones through this app.
  4. Foreign shows: Apart from desi programs, a large number of International TV shows that are popular throughout the world, can be seen using Hotstar.
  5. Movies: There are hundreds of movies available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and other languages. You can enjoy a great movie watching experience on your mobile phone thanks to this popular app.

Download and install Hotstar app from 9Apps website and watch live TV and the best of video content through your mobile phone.

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