How to download PC games from 9Apps

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Previously games was sold in CD drive or floppy which was packed in box and deliver to our home its take too long time to reach the games to us. Buying PC game was quite hectic and it also get chances of crack version by any uses sometime if it happens that the games which we buy was already been registered by someone else so we need to verify the games when we install in our PC.
Now we can save our time and money work by using download options present in online media. You can directly download the games with the help of third party store like google Play Store, 9Apps, windows store, or through Torrent. The above applications have premium as well as free games download option.

Here we are going to tell you the download games process

  • Process 1 to find games
    First you need to try internet search of the games which you want to download in your PC. Simply open search engine like Google, yahoo and type download games you will get a list of website where you can have options to download that game but be aware about fraud clicks most of the website provide fake links for just earning the money so visit inside and see whether the download link are available or not and if you are kicking the download buttons the exact file is downloading or not if the file name is different then stop downloading and visit to other website for download.
  • Process 2 to find games
    The best option is to find the official site of that game and then download the link but if you go for official website for that games it will be of paid version and you have to register yourself and pay the amount to download that game.
  • Process 3 to find games.
    Now a day there are many App Store where digitally all the games are available like Google Play Store, windows app store, microsoft store, 9Apps Store you can install this application in your PC and then open the application and go to games category and start downloading the games which you want. Are you have two options first one is for premium download and second one is for free download, so while downloading you have to check whether that games is free or not and if value for free games go for the free sections you will get lots of options to download free games in your PC.
  • Process 4 to find games
    Process for is quite dangerous for our operating system because this process contains the illegal website like uTorrent or nulled downloading from this site are quiet and safer but you will get a free full version game from this application’s website.