How to download WhatsApp on Jio Phone

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If you are looking to confirm the announcement that Jio phone is making Whatsapp available, then you have landed at the right destination. If you are looking at how to download Whatsapp on Jio phone then again you are at the right place. 

September 16, 2018, was the day when the basic Jio phone and ordinary Jio phone 2 announced Whatsapp.

Jio phone to users can we follow the step by step guide

  1. Open the 9Apps store in your jio phone
  2. Search WhatsApp in the 9Apps Store.
  3. Now click the download button of whatsApp to start installing in your jio phone 2 .
  4. Use your jio number to activate your WhatsApp account, you will get OTP number in your message box just timed out OTP number and then click to finish, now you are ready to use WhatsApp in your jio phone 2.

History of Jio phone 

Till now the phone was a small phone with little memory, and only 12 GB of space, dual camera, dual sim, and basic features such as radio, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and WiFi. 

Jio phone gets Whatsapp 

Now, Jio has Whatsapp, and you can chat with your friends, send them as many images as you want, send official documents online and videos to anyone and everyone you want. All your messages are an end to end encrypted which means no one in between can read the messages and not even Whatsapp. 

Let us look at how to get Whatsapp on the phone. 

Through the Jio phone 

First, go to the settings, find software updates, the caveat is you should have KaiOS software running, open the Jio apps app. Go to Whatsapp, read the app description and download the app, open the app, give permissions, and start using Whatsapp. 

Download through 9 Apps 

Whatsapp for Jio can also be downloaded from 9 apps, find the app on the 9 apps store, click download, and you would be sent an OTP on your phone which you have to enter to have the app running. 

Jio 4G Whatsapp reaches masses

Jio becomes the only fully 4G network to have 30 million users, the call quality is excellent, and the call drop does not happen. With each time you recharge, you get free calling and free SMS so that you can call, you can send SMS, and you can now send Whatsapp too. This is what makes Jio phone such a rage that now everyone wants this popular phone which is very reasonably priced at Rs. 1500. One should also take note that now 9 apps is an app which has a collection of wallpapers, clips and other fun apps for free. 

This is the beginning of a new era. Why a new era is because low-cost phones never used to have Whatsapp and this phone would take Whatsapp even to lower middle class and poor citizens and also into rural households, and that is a big deal in itself. The 100 million customers would all have Whatsapp. That is Jio’s path-breaking invention that affects the whole nation.  

Most significant app – Whatsapp

Whatsapp for Jio has been Jio’s most significant announcements according to the Jio company itself. This is excellent news in the light of the fact that now  Jio users also have Google maps, Facebook, and YouTube, but Whatsapp feature is being called even more significant than Facebook. 

Whatsapp rules 

Jio warns you that you should not be part of any Whatsapp group where you do not know the people who are part of the group, double check facts of forwarded messages so that you are not guilty of spreading fake messages and messages that could turn out to be fraudulent. The first rule of Whatsapp is not to disseminate information which you know could be false. 

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