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IMO free download for samsung IMO is one true messenger and the best way to call your loved ones. It allows their users to have some amazing features and this make IMO one of the best video calling app around the globe. You can even use the text able version which is so fast and even more reliable than all other apps. There are so many users that have been shifted to the IMO app and this app can help you out in the best way possible.

All you need to get done is to install the app from the 9apps store and once you have it on your phone then there will be nothing stopping you from making unlimited video calls with HD experience. What else do you need when you have IMO app on your phone. Here are the features explained in details that will surely help you a lot for using the IMO app and the features.

1) Group Video Calls

You can make group calls and this is really an interesting and new feature which will allow more than 2 people to video call and add it to the friends.

2) Quality Video Calls

When you are on a call with your loved ones then the quality of the video call will be highest and you can make some quality calls with IMO and the only thing that you should have is the data connection.

3) No Charges

There is nothing that you have to look out for and there will be nothing that you have to pay for when you are using the IMO app. You can get many benefits from using the IMO app and the charges that you get to pay are only for the Pro version which is totally up to you. However, you can just use up the same version and it will definitely turn out to be the best choice.

4) Hundreds of Stickers

If you want to share your expressions through the time when you were on a chat with your friend then the best way to do that is to use hundreds and thousands of stickers on your mobile. This will get you some really interesting ways to use the stickers on your mobile phone. You can choose them from the emoticons bar and this thing will surely help you out in the best way possible.

5) Encrypted Calls

When you are using the IMO then the only thing that is beneficial while making the audio calls are that the calls are totally encrypted and there is nothing that one can hack into. If you have some kind of personal thing that you want to keep as a dark secret then you have to use the Encrypted calls from IMO app.

  •  Unlimited Messages can be sent by making free video and voice calls on your 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections in any of your devices.
  •  Extreme qualities of video and voice calls are also incurred in this app
  •  Superb feature of Group chats with family, roommates, friends, and others
  •  Photos and videos sharing is also accessible through this app
  •  Your expressions can be expressed through hundreds of free stickers
  •  Encryption of chats and calls
  •  Optimization of Android Tablets can be done
  •  SMS and phone call charges can be avoided.
  •  This app best for Samsung and android APK mobile user.


Before coming to an end, kindly check out all features incurred about this app. And do get the access of this app on your Android device and Install it without any delay by going to 9apps APK store, as it is extremely free of cost.

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