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IMO free download for Samsung

One of the things that you can do with your mobile is to make video calls. When you call someone you are obviously spending money on call charges. If you want to talk to someone staying in a foreign country, the charges for International calls would be very high. The more time you speak, the more are the charges.

This is where video calls are effective. Video calls are made using the internet and hence there are no call charges. These calls are absolutely free. Video calls allow you to see the other person and you can talk for how much every time you want.

IMO app is especially for Samsung Mobiles. There is no doubt that Samsung is one of the top mobile phone companies in the world. Its phones are widely available. This app is excellent for the Samsung mobile to make video calls. The IMO app can be used not only for making video calls but also to send text messages to friends. 

Features of IMO video call app:

IMO video call app has many excellent features for its users. This app is specially made for Samsung mobiles. Samsung mobile users can enjoy free video calls through this app. Let’s look at the features that are available in this app.

  1. You can make high-quality video calls using this app. The video quality would be excellent and there will not be any lag or jarring of the video.
  2. Apart from video calls, the app for Samsung mobiles also allows you to make voice calls and you can also send unlimited messages.
  3. Calls and messages are using the internet, which means there are no call charges. This is 100% free.
  4. You have an option of making group video calls with friends and families and have an enjoyable interaction with your favorite people. You can create groups from your contacts and make calls to the group whenever you want.
  5. You can easily share photos and videos like a social media app.
  6. There are hundreds of stickers available in the app. You can use this sticker for sending messages and make your messages attractive.
  7. The app has a buddy list option. You can use this option to add your buddies or friends to the list. Once all your friend’s details are added, you can text your friends and also share images and videos with them.

Download and Installation

The IMO Video call APK for Samsung mobile can be done from the 9Apps website. Visit the page and click on download. The apk file is downloaded in a jiffy. Open it for a quick install and the IMO video call for Samsung app is installed and shows up on your app list and on your home screen. Tap on it and the caller loads. Use this app on your Samsung mobile to make video calls and have a great time speaking to friends and family members with no phone call charges.

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