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Have you ever wondered which is the best app for editing and uploading pictures? If yes, then Instagram is the best for you. Here, you can capture the most beautiful moments of your life with Instagram. It is a powerful method to capture memories. This Instagram app old version works on all platforms such as mobiles, desktops, laptops and on all devices where you have internet. It is mainly an app where you can share your best photos with the world.

You can also share videos with this app in a public mode, or in a private way and these photos and videos are only shared with the group of people you have, and these people are called your ‘followers.’


With 9 apps, you can download Instagram within seconds, and the Instagram photos are browsed pretty quick.


Instagram filters are everyone’s favorite, and these digital filters make your photos look brighter, have more saturation, the right amount of contrast, there are sepia and many screens. You can also add your location to photos for example if the picture was clicked in front of Leaning Tower of Pisa then add the place for adding an edge to the images and for adding more legitimacy to your photos.


The next cool feature about Instagram is hashtags. These hashtags are any cool phrase about your photo that begins with the hashtag button on your computer. For example #myfairlady for a picture in which you are looking very fair.

This small description of the photo in words chosen by you gives people an idea of the kind of person that you are, and it helps you earn ‘likes.’ Your hashtag should be trendy and could be something millions of people have used. If millions have used the hashtag, then it is called a top trending hashtag.

If the combination of your photo and hashtag is so good that it appeals a broader audience, then your picture could start showing in the top posts section which can be viewed by going to the search tab. All the images being displayed when you go to the search bar are all topmost and most popular images across the world.


If ten photos of yours are interconnected or for photos which were taken together, you can post up to a maximum of 10 of these photos together in one post.


The app gives you a zoom photo button which you can use to make your photos look better.  


You can link your Instagram account to Facebook; you can discover people with this app, and be associated with best friends with the use of this app.


It is always a good idea to have an individual account which means going to the settings section and opting to have a statement that is private. This is good for when you are more particular about online security.

  1. Every user can obtain the access of uploading photographs and short videos
  2. They also have the option of setting their account as “ private” mode.
  3. Instagram also provides the access of connecting their account to various other social networking sites too
  4. This app also permits users to upload full-size landscape and portrait photos and videos onto their service area
  5. This app grants the permission of uploading upto ten pictures or videos to one post.
  6. The app has also included a zooming feature in it wherein the users are allowed to pinch-to-zoom the screen to virtually zoom in on photos and videos as per their choice.

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