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Free download and install of Android on 9 Apps

If you are looking for a replacement of the Google play store then 9 apps are for you. The founder of the 9 Apps is the Alibaba group. The organization was founded in 1999. In today’s time, it gives tough competition to the Google Play Store. The app makers make applications that are safe and secure. Just the mere number of apps available on 9 Apps is astounding, and all free of the virus. You need to browse through apps to make it simple. The nine app store takes up a tiny size on your phone. The Google Play Store needs an internet connection to work, but nine apps can be downloaded in an offline mode as well. This is called offline installation. Apple and Google Play Store are not third-party vendors, but nine apps are. Therefore, nine apps are all android certified. This store enhances your download speed, the app store does its work efficiently, and the app store is not complicated, and the UI is user-friendly.



The official 9 Apps gives you a great Android experience on all Android devices. Here, on nine apps you can download numerous games, music, wallpapers for free, and all downloads are safe and secure, and this supports all Android devices. The updates are regular, and the UI is simple and straightforward. There are more than two crore users of this 9apps store. This is the smarter choice among all Play Store like devices, this choice is trendy, it is simple, and it is intelligent, it works like a consultant on your phone, it is multi-thread, and it is high speed, you get to download smart apps and all for free. Not just that, you play better games, and you get the best stickers when you want to chat with and impress someone. The apps are all high quality.


The app can be found to work in 20 languages, and one of them is the English language.

Nine app is therefore top-rated in the market. The Chinese giant and honcho’s company has been well received not only in India, but also in China where it started and was founded, and even the western markets. Some examples of these countries would be Indonesia and Russia.


The popularity is because 9 Apps is a third party app and allows third-party vendors. The app developers are also making profits out of this app store. If the size of 9 Apps app is kilobytes, then the size of a Google Play Store file would be in megabytes. What happens on the Google Play Store is that it keeps all the installation data after the install, but that does not happen with 9 Apps. It is also being realized that 9 Apps is even more open about the apps that it uses, and allows on its platform, but Google Store has a stricter policy. The download speeds are even better on 9 Apps. The download manager of Google Play Store is thus not the same quality as that of the download manager of 9 Apps. You can search for relevant files easily when you have already downloaded an app of the kind before.  

key features are below

  1. Wide ranges of apps, games, wallpapers and ringtones with super recommendations are incurred in this app
  2. Very simple effect of Visual with the smoothest operation
  3. On downloading this app, without any interruption the app gets downloaded with higher speed.


Therefore, if you wanna attain all the authentic features of this app on your device then simply log on to the app store of 9apps through APK file and get the direct installation done without any blockages and extremely free of cost without any hassles.

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