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IOS is a mobile operating system which is developed by Apple. It is the operating system which has the power of company mobiles devices? IPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. One of the most popular operating system and the second largest globally recognized after the Android. The iOS extended the device of iPod which contains native iPod and mobile App,s downloading 130 billion using interface and direct manipulation gesture it approaches of enabling the iPhone as a platform for enabling the success of iPhone and also recognized as a platform for third-party developers. It is also a desktop operating system which has his basics for iPhone responsible for software development and for iPhone apps.

Developer: Apple Inc.
Latest update : 2018 16A5357b (beta 8)
Initial release date: 2007
Platforms: ARMv8-A iOS 7 and later
Platforms: ARMv7-A iPhone OS 3–iOS 10
Platforms: ARMv6 iPhone OS 1–iOS 4.2.1
License: Proprietary software
Latest preview: 12.0 Developer
Written in: C++, Objective-C, Swift

This operating system of iPhone has desktop applications and native application supported in web applications under software development and significant enhancement on devices upgrading the iPod touch. The home screen appears as a customized that is bar and battery level which has the single strength and current application for users entering the lock screen and home screen. The users also use the emails, details, and messages through a similar content. There are also many ways where the users find the home screen on iPod models eventually the iOS, introducing the ability and the forms of text accessibility changing the consistency of application and the procedure.IOS eventually forms the accessibility of changing the settings the iOS introduce different folders which can be created and used as an application by dragging the folder using the same procedure.

The access folders notification which is displayed on iPhone and updated with significant expansion. The users can access the notification Centre with their earliest accessibility features and disabilities which is the main features providing information on the screen. The iOS multitasking facilities on iPod and implementing iOS performing Limited functions, requires support from the multitasking application through the Apple devices.

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