Ipl Cricket app download free APK for android – 2018

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There are many apps that you can choose to play cricket league and cricket championship matches and games online, and there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a professional at it.

If you look out, then you will find that the best IPL cricket app and website where you can play these cricket games on Android is the IPL cricket App. It is meant for cell phones.

Using the IPL cricket app can help you to get better practice, and this thing can assist you in impressing your friends. Here are some things that you need to know about cricket gaming, and every user must know these things.

  1.    How to play?  

You can play using a swipe of your hand anywhere on the screen. If the ball is coming in your direction, you can swipe two fingers in the course of the ball, and every time the ball touches the bat, and moves in another direction then you score.

  1.    Rules of the game exactly replicate the provisions of the real-time game.

Each time the ball touches the bat, then the score moves up one point or two points.

The line in front has three divisions, for one run, two runs, and four runs, the higher the ball goes on this line, the more the score.

There is a line at the top of the screen which is divided into two halves, and when the ball hits one half on that line, it is a six-run, and if the ball touches the other half on the same line, then you are out.

Also, when the ball does not touch the bat, crosses the line or you, the batsman then also it is hit wicket and you are considered out.

When you are playing league, you choose your team, and the computer decides the other side. Let us take, for example, Mumbai versus Rajasthan. The target that you are given is of 40 runs, and just like in the case of all computer games, it is relatively simple to attain the score.

  1.    Ease of play

The rules are clear, and the graphics simple to understand. It is a great respite to play this mobile game as against all the other games where the time taken to follow the rules is a lot, and the basics itself are quite complicated. Just the swipe of one hand, and the force with which you move the ball makes all the difference.

  1.    Graphics

There is a green field; you cannot see the bowler, it is more like the graphics of a practice match. The jerseys are white, but the banners of the teams are precisely like the banners of the game in real time.

  1.    Music

The music is loud, and it keeps you engrossed playing. There is no fun without music.


Assigned below are the ultimate features of this app, Kindly have a look at them

  1. Stylish design of cricket suit with the latest collection
  2. HD photo frames of good quality based and awesome color has been provided in this app
  3. Good access of the user interface.
  4. Various patterns and colors of IPL Cricket suit are incurred in this app
  5. Choose the photo from the gallery
  6. A good text with the a beautiful frame and color has be added in this app
  7. Share your wonderful creations quickly on various social media networks such as Face book, Whatsapp and Twitter

Ipl Cricket app download free APK for android – 2018

If you are a lover or cricket and are very much interested in this app, then simply click on 9app and have the installation done quickly without any hassles and interruptions. And enjoy the fun and also share it with all your friends and family.

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