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Get the comprehensive Jio to join app benefits

Reliance Jio network is one of the major platforms that has created a monopoly of free internet craze amongst the people once it was launched. Wherever you go, you get the only thing to hear which the latest talk is about the latest Jio join app that is a revolutionary app that was simultaneously launched along with the 12 Jio apps. This app is an exclusive app meant for Reliance Jio consumers that means non-Reliance users cannot have access to this app.

It is the app that gives a tougher competition to Skype, IMO, Viber etc for making video calls with a steady internet connection.  It gives you a robust connectivity that helps in making a phone call or uses it as a Default messaging app with attractive emojis.

Features of the jio join app:

  • Calling is one of the beneficial aspects of the 4G mobile scheme where you can make HD calls with other Jio Join users. It also contains the video call feature for both VoLTE and Reliance Jio. You can get an Urgent Call feature that doesn’t let you miss a call.
  • Chatting with the other Jio users is now possible effectively as you can share texts, photos, videos, files, contacts, YouTube videos etc with no interruptions.
  • You also get the pre-stored stickers that makes chat look more fun oriented. You can send the Avatar that aligns your face while clicking a selfie.
  • For the people who installed Jio Join get a separate list where you get the existing contact name to get all the available options that include urgent call, video call, audio call, and video call, chatting and set things as favourite.
  • You get the settings for calling, media, and personalization. You can also use the call-forwarding feature. If you find any issues, you can get it configured as well.

Jio join also includes Audio call conference that can be done with 6 people along with 4 people for video conference. The app via 9apps apk keeps on updating by the Reliance Jio Apps installers and you can thus enjoy the benefits of endless HD communication.