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Jio Music App users have a good bumper offer with extreme benefits incurred on it from the time it has been launched. Users are enjoying the best offers provided by Jio at all times. Various other applications shared until now of Jio such as MyJio app, JioCinema, Jiotv and JioMoney and many more.

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Among them arises now another app and that is JioMusic. Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt Ltd grants you access to all amazing all in one Music Player.i.e, JioMusic-JioBeats-Play-Download HD Music-Radio. Presently, every single user enjoys to play, listen or sing music. Whereas for many others, music is their companion, and for other music is a passion and when compared to others, Music is a medicine to cure all diseases instantly.

Thus, JioMusic incurs access truly unlimited with Ad-Free access to HD Music in any of your languages that you prefer without any barriers. Simply listen, enjoy and download your HD Songs without incurring any additional charges just like other music apps.

This app recently was updated on March 22, 2017, and requires complete access to Android devices incurring 4.3 and above. It is found in the category of Music and Audio. And is extremely free of cost. Everybody in Life wants to feel the good extreme experience of listening or playing music and that too is accessible only through good music player and system such as JioHD Music at present.

Thus, with the exploration of Digital Life, Reliance Jio published JioMusic, to beautify the life of all depressed people and make them feel the experience of cool, peaceful life by granting them access to listen to Music and enjoy the most of it. This app is very easily applicable to 9apps without any interruption and without any subscription fee incurred on it. Thus, you can be a part of this music, no matter wherever you are, you can play music even while you keep moving on.


  • Accessible of Radio in JioApp: This app has been smartly figured out Radio on the device. It is been incurred with various Radio  Stations like Sweet Melodious of 80’s Chart-buster of 2000’s, Flashback of 90’s and so on.
  • Listen to the songs Offline once after Downloading: This app grants you access to download all your favorite songs and play it offline. Thus, the user can play the downloaded song in offline mode even when your data connection is on, by not costing extra charge on your data.
  • Excellent Recommendations of Personification: The more you listen to music on JioMusic, the greater the taste you will get to learn from this app.
  • My-Music: This option present in the menu grants access to the list of your songs, albums, my playlist which has been recently heard. Thus, it enables you to play all and clears all songs on your list.
  • Quality of Audio: Various audio quality has also been incurred in this app from very low to very high.
  • Status Download: This app grants you access to view the download status from the section of settings incurred in the app
  • Equalizer Mode: Through this option improve the listening experience with various audio modes supported by selected Smartphone’s and arise the DJ in you
  • Play List: This enables you to re-arrange songs and create your own playlist. Through which you can directly go to album.
  • Themes: Option of themes are also incurred in this app that enables Light and Dark Theme.
  • Settings in Tapping: It is one of the unique features and seems to be the world’s first which enables you to customize what incurs when you tap on a song. The two options in this are Paly and Queue.


Thus, JioMusic is extremely unlimited Ads-Free access to HD music to some of your favorite language without any interruptions incurred in them. Hence, if you are impressed, then simply play and download your favorite HD songs by from it 9apps apk download without incurring any additional charges like many other music apps.

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