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Newspaper reading has always been an integral part of one’s day. There was a time when oldies would buy newspapers from newspaper stands, and now is the time for online news. We used to all get newspapers at our homes, but who knows that is about to change because now we all have newspaper apps on our phones. One such phone app on Android where one can read quick and reliable news is Jio app for newspapers.

It is a combination of 250 newspapers so it cannot go wrong. Whether you want to read sports news, live news, temperature, the arts and culture page, entertainment news or news of the stock market, Jio news would provide you all this and that too without you spending a single penny. No newspaper costs mean savings, and the story reaches you not the next day, but the very next second. You should now say bye-bye to your paper boy.

Jio news is fast

Jio news means business because it is incredibly fast. You get the news more quickly than anyone reading the story anywhere else. This is especially helpful when you are watching out for election news. Also, when the stock markets are fluctuating, the tale reaches you fast, and you can make your financial decisions accordingly.

Searching the newspaper

You do not have to search the whole news database to find what you were looking for and you can run a keyword search.


The news is not available only online, and you can go offline with your story. Even if you miss a day of newspaper reading, you can read the story of the previous day, and it feels better than holding an old newspaper in hand. It is straightforward to make an archive of all the papers you have read till now. But, that is your choice, and the app always gives you an option to resume reading where you stopped.

Jio is multilingual

Jio news comes in all languages. From Hindi to English to all regional languages, you can subscribe news is any vernacular language, and Jio caters to that. Plus, the story is not only local, sports,  national or international. The news is also about music, entertainment, and the segments are not more in your good old newspaper, and more in this news app. The mobile android news app trumps your old paper in every which way.

Competitive exams

Those who are serious about cracking an exam will find the Jio app very helpful. We all take breaks between studies, and instead of messaging friends, you can read the news on the news app. Even in this personalization helps, if you want to revise only national story you can do so. Just open the national news data, and it would not show any other story but national and your revision becomes that much simple. Plus, the archive of all old newspapers means you have better preparation tools.


Assigned below are the enthusiastic smart features, just have a glance at them

  1. Live Updates: All users can get to know all the live scores, latest breaking news and also the live news of stock market
  2. Smart, Smarter, Smartest: Very simple app which can be incurred very easily on all Android devices
  3. Being Offline: Even on being offline, the user can view the news wherever and whenever needed
  4. Up-to date Reports: Set up timings for the displaying of the best and breaking news
  5. Loading Time is Zero: No delay in viewing as the articles pop up very quickly without any delay in loading
  6. Sharing access: All interesting articles can be shared with your friends through Whatsapp, Facebook, Jio Chat, SMS, Email and so on
  7. Personification: Choose the preferred languages, categories and publications incurred in this app, so that you can access the news that you want to know about.
  8.  Notifications: Notifications incurred in this app, whenever particular categories or the breaking news, or the top stories arise
  9. Simple: A neat interface and intuitive navigation enhances the experience of reading.

jio newspaper app free APK download

To have the complete access of all news, events and incidents taken place all around the world, then simply switch on to 9apps without any hassles and have the quicker installation on all your android devices without incurring a single penny on it. And enjoy the fullest experience of reading the news all incurred one single app.

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