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Jio Play App for Android Users – Install from 9apps

There are numerous apps on the app stores around the internet that can help you with watching TV for free and even you have to pay to use some apps and to watch live tv on them. The best and the most amazing app that you can get from the internet is the Jio play and the only people that can use this app is the one who is using the Jio network on their phone and it is totally free for them. You can get it from any app stores but if you want to remove all the ads and the complication on your way to get the app on your phone then you can choose the 9apps store which is the most simplified app stores that you can ever get to see and use.

Jio Play app free download for Android

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How to use 9apps to install Jio Play app?

Well, Jio play app is always on the most trending apps and you can find it leading the board on every app store. If you are using the 9apps then you can get into the top free entertainment apps then you will surely find it on the top. You can choose the app and install it easily. Another way to do such thing is to search for the app directly and for that, you have to get into the search box and then type in the desired keyword. For Jio play, type in the desired keyword then their results will pop up where you will find the jio play app and then you can get into the page of the app and install it on your phone by following some of the simple steps.

Features of Jio Play app

A lot of features are there that you can get from the app and these features can make you use the app over and over again. There are so many benefits that you will get from the Jio Play app and these things will surely benefit you a lot. Here are all the features that you will get from the Jio play as below –

1) Live TV

The live TV option of the Jio Play app is what makes it super special for every Jio user. It is free to use and you just have to pay for the data usage that you will consume watching TV.

2) Watch Previous Channels, Movies

You can watch the channels and the movies or any serials that were streamed before on the app. You can get access to any of them and with that, you can get to know about the next serials or movies that are going to be live on stream with time.

3) Download Videos

There is an option for all the users that will allow you to download the videos from the app and you can use any of the video or even the live tv that can help you download the videos as per your desire.

So, if you really want to switch to jio Play app on your mobile phone then just tap on the header or footer options now and get it installed the directly from 9apps apk through APK.