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Jio TV app

Jio TV is a video streaming app facility intended for those having a Jio mobile connection. Users who have Jio connection can register for this app and use it to watch live TV and other content online.

It is a mobile phone network from Reliance Jio Infocomm, owned by one of India’s largest companies Reliance Industries Limited. This is an LTE network making use of voice over LTE to provide voice and data services to customers.

As a part of the 4G services offered by Jio, the company offered a large bouquet of multimedia apps. One of the popular apps is Jio TV, which offers live TV viewing experience for its subscribers.

Since its inception, the app has become very popular and is being used by millions of users across the country who are enjoying live TV through this app.

Features of Jio TV:

  1. TV viewing: Users of Jio TV can watch Live TV on their mobile phones for free. No need of a cable connection or DTH connection, all the channels offered are available for free for users. Channels from different languages and genres are available. There are more than 575 channels, of which more than 60 channels are HD channels which have the best quality viewing experience.
  2. Pause and Play: Jio TV has an excellent feature called pause and play. This is useful while watching live shows or sports matches. If viewers have to stop viewing for some work, they can pause the TV and then click on the resume when they are free. The telecast continues from where it stopped.
  3. Catch-up service: In case you missed any of your favorite programs in the past 7 days you can catch up on missed programs and watch them.
  4. Mobile viewing: You can watch Jio TV anywhere. You can watch it on your smartphone or on your tablet.
  5. Reminders: You can set reminders so that Jio TV reminds you that your favorite show is starting and you can watch it without missing a minute.
  6. Mini player: This is a unique facility wherein Jio TV plays in a mini-viewer. You can watch the TV and browse other content simultaneously.
  7. Zero disturbance viewing: An interesting option is where you can watch live TV without any disturbance. You can lock your screen and watch and there won’t be any disturbance from messages and notifications to disturb and spoil your viewing experience.
  8. Search option: Jio TV has an excellent search option. You can use this option to search for your favourite programs, so you can view them. The search option is easy to use and very user-friendly. 

Download and installation

It is very easy and simple to download and install the Jio TV app on your mobile. Just visit the page and click on download and the download is complete in an instant. Then open the apk file to install, which happens at super speed. After this, you can open the app and enjoy watching live TV.

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