JioTv App Download & Install APK for Android & IOS – 2018 Edition

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JioTV app is an app whereby you can watch all new sports and movie shows take place in India. Through Jio Internet, TV Live is accessible to all users of Jio SIM. Any channel can be viewed live on Jio. The rating received for JioTv app is very good.

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JioTv is a mini TV on your mobile through which you get to view Live TV shows and also 7 days previous channel applications can also be checked. All channels on Jio can be viewed for Free without a single penny. JioTv has got all our favorite channels on this app such as Startv, Celebrity Plus, Celebrity Sports, Celebrity Movies and so on.

The application Size of JioTv is 15M. This app is available of 9apps and can be very installed without any hassles. JioTv is now accessible at your fingertips with the instant access to all ongoing TV programmes.

A massive range of TV channels can be viewed across the world. Also, more than 400 plus channels including 60 plus HD channels are available in JioTv App. This app can be found and from installed 9apps.

Excellent Features of JioTV App:

  1. Jio TV a mini jio app: This Television can be carried out with you wherever you go even when you are traveling or at work.
  2. Beneficial Articles: Articles such as the previously watched 7 channels, upcoming future related issues, Speech & Vocabulary are also available.
  3. Watch & Pause the mini TV: Every second of your TV shows can be viewed or can be paused for a while when needed at your preferred time and can be viewed anytime later.
  4. Vivid Languages: Channels of different languages are also applicable.
  5. Rewind every missed moment: Any channels missed out in the past or present can be viewed by rewinding or forwarding, again and again, it can either be paused or watched them all over again.
  6. Jio Mini Tv: This Jio Tv can be carried with you anywhere you go and can enjoy the best of it while watching work or fun.

JioTv App Download from 9apps Store:

On noticing the above awesome features of JioTv App, hereafter, I don’t think so anybody else would delay in installing them on their Android Mobiles, or Tablets. For installing this App kindly go to 9apps app download web and download the JioTv app and enjoy the best of its benefits to any extent you travel or wherever you go.

Downloading this app doesn’t delay, it downloads within a second. Share your experience using JioTv app and discuss with your near and dear ones.

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