JioTv App Download & Install APK for Android & IOS – 2018 Edition

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Jio TV works with iOS and Android now. Yes, we are talking about the new makeover. Jio TV brings you all new sports matches and movies. That is not all. You get to watch all entertainment channels, business channels, music channels, and channels for kids and everything up to devotional channels. Almost any channel you can imagine is on the list of Jio TV. But, if you want you could block a particular channel out.

You will never miss a TV show of your choice when you have Jio TV app. You can mark specific channels as your favorite and certain shows as the most favorite so that the app recommends you show from the channels of your choice, and puts a reminder for you to watch the beloved show. You would have never paused and resumed TV just the way you can now. You can easily rewind and forward a TV show.


Many people like watching prime time TV, so you have all that covered. All shows aired on prime time in the last seven days would be saved on your Jio TV.


Jio TV is like having a TV on the mobile. The channels you can watch are Star, Celebrity plus, Celebrity sports, Celerity movies and so on. Overall, there are 400 channels, out of which 60 channels are HD, and this is what makes Jio TV app awesome. Jio TV is available in 15 languages.


Another exciting part about this TV is that it goes with you wherever you go. You could be going to the market, school or college or best when you are going to travel, and this app TV goes with you. It is all for free. The app size is only 15 MB. To quote an incident, you have to watch the election news, and you are en route to the office then you can watch that on Jio TV as you sit in the cab.

You get breaks between office, and instead of indulging in meaningless gossip which has a way of coming around, you could spend your time watching the cricket match that is on.

If you like something, then you can immediately share that on the social media which is connected to your Jio TV.


It is easy to operate the app, and you can swipe right to go to the next channel. You can also adjust the quality of the video that you want to watch.  All the users of Jio can watch live TV through this app. There are faster downloads, and all ads are blocked. There is a lock screen viewing which means you can view your TV without any disturbance. This means total protection from the virus. You can watch any channel, and the ratings of this app are excellent.

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