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Join Video Free 2018 app is an awesome Free app for all Android users and is the extreme choice of millions of people all around the world, as it enables all the users to watch most of the hot videos for free on YouTube without any registration fee. And such downloaded videos can be watched for the first time better than anything else app. For all Android Users, Join Video Free app is the best suitable video player on the market.

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This app is one of the superb and very useful applications for your device, especially to all Android users. In this app, all users can enjoy the best of the high-quality videos that play in a very random and smooth manner. Join Video Free app is very highly beneficial to all users which helps in merging multiple videos into a single one. In this app, all the work is saved on the basis of a single project.

This is a very powerful video that helps you to merge all kinds of videos into a single bigger video and also adds background music. If you are thinking of merging plenty of videos into a single one, then there is none other better app then this Joiner Video app. Thereby, the merged videos can be shared with the loved ones using this video joiner app. The Video joiner app has certain modifications incurred in it at present, such as:

  • Exiting from the screen modifications done
  • Minor modifications are also done
  • Updation in Google Play Services
  • Updates of UI
  • Updated share screen
  • Fixes audio problems and supports MP3 audio


  • Certain Video Files of all kinds can be listed out
  • Good Music Player with equalizer and presets are featured in this app
  • Adjustment of bass and treble is done
  • All video and audio formats are very well supported
  • Formats of multiple subtitles are incurred
  • Streaming of Video support is also done
  • Video resuming with quick start and easiest playback is featured

Join Video Free app is a good app with every benefit incurred by the user without any hassles. In this app, a user can combine all multiple video files and merge it into a larger file and save it. To obtain such benefits from this app, and if interested in this app, then do not delay any further, just install it from 9Apps for pc without any tension and enjoy all the benefits of it to the best of your ability.

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