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LinkedIn is an app for all working professionals. The main idea behind this app is to help individuals connect for professional purposes. 

Therefore, this app cannot be said to be a social networking website. 

Let us look at some features of the LinkedIn app 

Recommendation by colleagues and bosses 

If you have your colleagues and your boss in touch with you on a platform then that could have multiple purposes. 

Your ex-boss could recommend your work which could, in turn, help you get a new job quickly. Not just that, your colleagues could recommend you too, and that could also help you get a raise or a promotion. 

Resume, skills, and experience 

The LinkedIn app is such that you can post your resume on it, you can write your skills on the platform, and your experience which means you have better job prospects in the future. 

LinkedIn is your substitute for someone pushing your name for a new role in a good organization. It helps that you can follow the account of the company where you wish to apply, and follow the members of the organization where you want to apply. 

Social community 

It is a great app where you can look for jobs, or showcase your professional profile. You get a chance to post articles and status messages related to your field, and that might get you noticed. You get to like the status messages of other people and other groups, and overall, it is an excellent community of working professionals who are either in your field of work and expertise or in other areas. 

If you are an HR and your job is to hire people for the organization, then that makes it easier for you to hunt talent from LinkedIn. 

In-app purchases 

The app has in-app purchases. With the in-app purchases, it becomes possible for you to inbox people which gives you an edge when you are looking for a job, the in-app purchase increases your chances of bagging a role in a multinational because some payment unlocks the whole LinkedIn to you which is otherwise majorly locked in terms of features. Unlocked LinkedIn also tells you who viewed your profile and when, so if a prospective employer saw your website, you know they are interested in hiring you. 

Many discussions go on the site, and you get to know more about market news. This is possible when you follow ‘ Forbes’ for instance. No matter which field you are in from tarot to law, you would find a lakh people doing the same thing that you do, and you can start building your online community. You can keep track of how many jobs you have applied to, saved jobs, career interests, and even find internships open for eligible candidates like you. 

You will not just find jobs in your area, but also freelance jobs if you want to work from home. 

The more contacts you have, the happier you should be because this is your network and you should be proud of it. You can download this app from 9 apps.