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Locking your mobile screen is very important when you are not using it. This ensures that no one can access your mobile. Most people have a lot of confidential data on their mobile right from their messages, Whatsapp chats, emails, and other files. No one would like their mobile phones to be seen by others when they are not there. Locking the screen ensures only those who know the passcode can open the mobile lock. This ensures security and privacy.

Lock screen options are available in most advanced mobile phones as a part of the settings options. But these options are limited and boring. Instead, using an attractive and colorful app for screen lock is much more interesting. If your screen lock app has interesting graphics and images as the background and gives you the option of locking and unlocking your mobile screen, then it is more interesting.

Lock screen app is a very useful app available for Android phones. The apk file when downloaded will install this app and you can lock your screen in an instant. There are many interesting backgrounds, like water droplets falling or bubbles moving all over the screen. You can keep the screen locked. If anyone tries to open the lock, they will only see the graphic images.

You can make use of a passcode, password pin, patterns to lock the screen. You can customize the app and add your own message on the locked screen.

Features of Lock screen app:

  1. Firstly, when you install it loads on to your home screen. A single tap is all that is required to lock the screen.
  2. Once you install, decide how you want to lock the screen. You can set a passcode or even a pattern or use a plain sliding option if you are not so much worried about security. One the option is set, then using it is just at a single tap. You can always change the settings to change the lock option or to change the pattern or passcode.
  3. There are beautiful backgrounds available for the app, which would be displayed on your screen. There are many images available in the app, you can make use of any of these images as your background. You can also add your own images and make it as the background, It is fully customizable.
  4. You can also add an idiom/saying/message/text of your choice on the lock screen. It is very simple and easy to set.  
  5. A customizable keypad option is there with many designs, like for instance heart shape design. You can this design keypad to enter your password. Using this graphical and colorful options makes a simple job like locking and unlocking screen interesting and fun to use.

Below mentioned are the awesome features of this app, just have a look at them
1. This app is very well supported with the keypad with many shapes like heart like iphone
2. Passwords can be set on this screen with numbers incurred in it.
3. Grants extreme security by preventing complete safety for the phone without a password
4. Backgrounds can be changed anytime by the user
5. Customization of color and size of date/time can be accessed by the user
6. In this app you can add your name, your words or your idiom on lock screen
7. This app is incurred with 60 other languages too
8. Lock Screen app works well on phone, and tablet devices

lock screen download APK app for Android 

Lock Screen app apk file is available on 9apps fast download website. Download and install on your mobile phone and you can ensure your mobile phone’s security while using the interesting and colorful options available in the app.

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