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The App Lock Screen has been set up with a beautiful lock screen incurring many water droplets in it. This app provides complete protection to your device with a password incurred in it. And thus, with your simple touch on water droplets grants you access with a pass code and make you feel the animation of water droplets automatically. Users around 61, 89,000+ have already downloaded the app of Lock Screen-Water Droplet every week on their device from the latest version of 9 Apps. This app is one of the awesome and beautiful water drops keypad locker app. And hence, it is absolutely free of cost. Thus, when the screen is locked, many other applications do not get locked with the function of the HOME button, BACK, RECENT, but in the case of this application it does all of it. This app is incurred with plenty of lock screens such as: Lock Screen Pattern, Lock Screen Password, Lock Screen Keypad, Lock Screen Slider, Lock Screen like iPhone and lastly Lock Screen like water droplets or like the bubbles of the soap.

This app has a beautiful outlook of the keypad with many of water droplets incurred in it. The lock screen in the keypad of ios (iphone, ipad) and thus the color and size of time and date can be changed at any instance. And to make your device look beautiful you can change the background of lock screen. The developer of this app is Lock Screen hn and is listed in the category of Utilities and Operating Systems, the actual version of the app is 1.15. The exact total downloads taken place until now are of about 55. The actual release date of this app is on July 3, 2016. This app acquires around 3.0 and above version of Android devices. This app can be easily incurred from 9 Apps extremely free of cost without moving any further.


Below mentioned are the awesome features of this app, just have a look at them
1. This app is very well supported with the keypad with many shapes like heart like iphone
2. Passwords can be set on this screen with numbers incurred in it.
3. Grants extreme security by preventing complete safety for the phone without a password
4. Backgrounds can be changed anytime by the user
5. Customization of color and size of date/time can be accessed by the user
6. In this app you can add your name, your words or your idiom on lock screen
7. This app is incurred with 60 other languages too
8. Lock Screen app works well on phone, and tablet devices

lock screen download APK app for Android – 2017

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