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Every mobile phone needs to have a photo app where photos can be edited and beautified to make it look good. This helps you to take the best photos and then make them look good so you can share them with friends and also upload to various social media sites.

This particular app offers a specialized feature, namely photo frame. A photo looks boring in its basic form. When it has a frame around it, it looks more attractive and likable. You can take an average photo and make it look good by adding a beautiful frame to it. You can add smileys, emojis and stickers to enhance its beauty.

Lovely photo frame

There are multiple types of templates and frame options. You can use the frame of your choice to get the effect of your choice. Select the photo of your choice, add a beautiful frame and create a superb photo that you can share with your friends. This photo frame app is, without doubt, a great option to beautify your photos.

Features of Lovely Photo Frame:

  1. Templates: There are many inbuilt templates already available. You can browse through the templates and select the one you like. You can easily experiment using this app and try out all the templates and see how it looks before selecting the best one.  There are more than 40 different styles that are readily available for your use. There are also multiple patterns to enhance the look of your photo. More than 40 patterns are available for each style.
  2. No restriction: You can add frame effects to any number of photos. There is no restriction on the usage of the app.
  3. Layouts: There are multiple layouts available. You can have a collage type of layout to blend in multiple photos is a seamless manner. There are beautiful layout grids available for your use.
  4. Make it fit: You can manipulate the photo however you want using this app. You can zoom in or zoom out, you can rotate the photo and do what you want with it so that it fits the frame you have selected perfectly.
  5. Easy interface: It has an extremely easy to use interface, which is user friendly. Even someone who has no idea about how to edit photos and add frames can do it. It has a simple design and menu options are easy to use.
  6. Live wallpaper: You can create a beautiful photo using the app and can add effects to it. Popular effects that you can add are stars shining and shower of meteors. You can make this photo a live wallpaper for your phone and enjoy its effects.

Installation from 9Apps

To create lovely photo frames, download and install the Lovely Photo Frame App. You can make use of the 9Apps website to install this app, you can install it from   

Click download and the apk file is downloaded instantly. Install by tapping the icon and you can start using Lovely Photo frame app to create beautiful photo frame effects.

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