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Chatting with your friends has always been something that everyone wants to do when they are using Facebook but as the rule has been changed and you have to install the messenger app in order to chat with your Facebook friends, it has been so hard to use 2 heavy applications all at once. So, there is an alternative that is given to every Facebook user and you can get this lite version of the messenger app on 9apps store easily. Many things are there that you can get even from this small app and just like the Facebook lite app, there are some things that are missing in this one also. So, here is everything that you need to know about the messenger lite app for your mobile phone.

Features of Messenger Lite

There are so many features that the messenger lite app has to offer for the users and if you are one of them then you should know all about these features about the messenger lite app. Here is a list of things that you can get from the messenger lite app and it can turn out to be beneficial for you.

1) GIF support

There are GIFs available for the messenger lite app and there are so many benefits that it has to offer to the user. The GIFs that you get from the app are so amazing that they can turn out to be beneficial for you all. You can share your messages in a more fun way with GIFs by your side.

2) Stickers

The sticker with that lite version of the app is an add-on for every user that is using the Messenger app. Just like the messenger original app or the Facebook chat app, there are some stickers that work just like the GIF but there are packages with the sticker that you can use and you can make out the most out of it with such small messenger lite app.

3) Chat Easily

The chatting with your friends has never been this easy and with the messenger app, you can do whatever you want to do with the chatting as there are chat heads that will show up on the screen and the app will keep on running in the background while you can chat and easily use the other app on mobile.

4) Less Space

The app is so small that it never takes up much space and you just have to keep a track on the cache memory.

5) Share Images

You can share images when you are chatting with your loved ones or your friends. You can choose up any image from the gallery or you can send a photo right through the camera.

6) Video Call and Audio Call

Video call and a voice call is one of the most beneficiary things that you can get and it can turn out to be something amazing when using the video call from such a small app.


Thereby, this app helps and enables instant access to reach the people worldwide, as this app is extremely free of cost. Therefore, do not delay any further, visit the web store 9apps install and download it with the quick access. this app also download google play

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