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Motu Patlu Apps Download Install from 9apps

Motu Patlu game is based one of the trending cartoons that you can get to see on the world of cartoons these days. Kids are crazy for these two characters and there are a lot of things that your child can get to see when watching this serial and this can affect them in a very clever way.

There are so many people out there that keeps on watching these shows and if you are a fan or you have a child who is just crazy for the Motu patlu then this game is the only thing that you need to look out for when using the 9apps store. Here is how you can get to use the app on your mobile phone but before that, you need to know about the features of the game.


1) 3D Animation

The artwork that is used in the game makes it feel to be realistic and the animations that are used in the game are so much better than all other games on the market of the internet. There are so many games that you will come across and using 3D animation is next level thing that you can only come to see in the Motu Patlu game.

2) Perfect Sounds

The music of the game plays an important role and if you are one of them who loves to use the games that have better music then Motu Patlu game is the best choice that you can have and using them is a perfect thing to have.

3) Racing Variations

There are maps and then there are variations that make your character to play a single type of race when you are out there to play Motu Patlu game. There are so many things that you can come to see when you use the Motu Patlu game and these things can leave you speechless.

How to Install Motu Patlu game?

Installing the Motu Patlu game is really easy and you can get it done when using 9apps store or any other space to get the apk file. Here are the steps that you need to follow to install Motu Patlu app on your mobile device –

  • Get to the official site of 9apps and there you will see a search box where you will have to put in the name of the apps that can help you.
  • Once the results pop up then you need to choose the one that can help you get the apk file.
  • Click on the Motu Patlu game that you need to get and click on download the Motu Patlu game.
  • The apk file will be there and install the game to get it to use on your mobile phone.

Look out for these steps and they will surely help you out in the best way possible.


Motu Patlu 2017 is a game app bought up by Nazara Games and June Software. Kids will surely enjoy this game app. And in order to play this game, install this game app from 9apps store and and enjoy the game for free.

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