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Motu Patlu emerged from a very popular series of comic named Lot Pot. Lot Pot is one of the most extremely famous comic since 40 years. This game app is a story of two friends named Motu and Patlu evolving around and living in Furfuri Nagar. Motu Patlu is an animated Indian sitcom series of television being played on Nickelodeon and Vasantham. This series was brought up by Cosmos-Maya. It came into existence on 16 October 2012, and began with the series of “John Banega Don”. This story is extremely based on how Motu and Patlu rescue them from a dangerous land in a troublesome situations and the way they escape themselves with a good luck. The two friends Motu and Patlu are very close and best friends to each other.

The favourite food of Motu is Samosa, whereby all the time he tries to steal it from one of the good Samosa makers of Furfuri Nagariya. Motu is always the problem creator and Patlu always keeps solving it, sometimes, Ghasitaram, Chingam, and Dr. Jhatka come to rescue them. Motu is a very plumpy man and plays as one of the games most centre attraction. He always enjoying eating Samosas through which he gets power from it. In this game app, the very well played roles are Motu VS Patlu, Book Cricket, Cherry Bomb, Snowboard Challenge, Smiley, Paint Fun, Dino Drop, Hot Shots, Bounce, Wicket  Keeping Champ, Batting Champion, King of the Field, Bowling Champ, Nick Cricket Academy and many others. Therefore, join the game of Motu and Patlu and enjoy the best of it.

Motu Patlu Game is extremely available in 9 Apps and can be very easily installed as it’s totally free of cost. This game is a race game of the 2 friends running to meet up the goal. This game app is created by App developer and is a free Android app for all Mobile users.


The Motu Patlu app has various vivid features and is extremely necessary to have a look at them:

Ø  Usage and Collection of various energies to fight with the enemies

Ø  Racing in various locations from all over the country.

Ø  Achieve new coins while racing and purchase new characters and weapons to race with.

Ø  Through racing, achieve trophies and try coping up the leader boards


Motu Patlu 2017 is a game app bought up by Nazara Games and June Software. Kids will surely enjoy this game app. And in order to play this game, install this game app from 9apps store and and enjoy the game for free.

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