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An MP3 player is a tremendous Digital Audio Player electronic device which is very much accessible in playing all digital audio files. It is a kind of Portable Media Player which is used by millions of people worldwide. The term ‘MP3’ player is accessed as a misnomer whereby plenty of players play more than the format of MP3 format. This MP3 format is widely in use, as plenty of players play the same format always. Adding to it there are various other digital audio formats too incurred in it.  These are proprietary formats such as MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), and advanced audio coding (AAC).

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This app is one of the best music player for all Android users and thus you can enjoy all your favorite Music MP3 and many other files incurred with a style. Casually speaking, MP3 players are portable, employing internal or replaceable batteries and headphones, even though many people are connecting players up to their car and also home stereos sometimes, also are connected through a wireless connection, later on converting them into portable jukeboxes. Many other players like MP3 also are incurred with FM radio tuners. And thus, many of the MP3 players can be very easily encoded directly to MP3 or another digital audio format.

Also, various other devices like CD Players can be easily connected to the MP3 player, using the USB Port, in order to have the direct access of the music from the memory incurred in the player without connecting the computer. Thus, MP3 Player will provide you complete access to find and select the best of the music incurred on your phone. This app is initiated by Green Apple Studio and incurs access on the Android devices supporting the version of 2.3 and above. The last updated version of this app is on March 6, 2017.


  1. MP3 Player is incurred with a beautiful interface
  2. Any audio file formats are played in this app
  3. Incurred with advanced features like favorites and playlists
  4. On the mode of shuffle, any artist, album or playlist can be played
  5. Any song can be played anytime and also on any device such as mobile, tablet or your computer
  6. Awesome sound quality incurred in this MP3 Player can be enjoyed the most
  7. Very easy to access to your entire music library through the wide searches.
  8. Playlist of custom is incurred in this app
  9. Plays all MP3, MP4/M4A and many other files
  10. All songs can be played from folders and from own library

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