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Mp3 Player App Free APK Download for Android

Are you looking out for some music apps that can help you to unwind all around the time with your friends then the Mp3 player music App can help you a lot in so many ways.

The audio player is digital, and millions of people across the world are using this app. The Mp3 is the most reliable way of listening to music with no lags, no shutdown, and no disturbance or voice breaking. But, that is not all, this app is better than just about any Mp3 as it has fancier audio software that works in tandem with Mp3. The player works well on all Android. The battery would not drain out very quickly. It will work well with all headphones and is compatible with all headphone devices. You can also listen to music in the car using this app, and you need to have WiFi. Home stereos are a good idea with this app. You can listen to the radio on this app, and also make a jukebox out of it which is people’s favorite aspect of this Mp3 player technology. Not just that, one can make CD players connected with this player with the help of USB technique.

1) Interface

The interface is beautiful. The UI is very user friendly, it helps you not just to listen to music, but also cut a song into parts, and look only to your favorite portions of a song on loop, you can also tell the player which  are your favorite songs so that the app is customized as per your needs, and requirements, and also you can make a playlist of songs for different occasions. You can choose the theme, and decide what you want your UI to look like.

When you cut a song into parts, you can make the favorite portion your ringtone, and now you do not need to go around on the world wide web looking for a ringtone.

2) Quick Speed

The app blocks all pop-ups, and loads fast so that your music listening experience is par excellence. The speed of this Mp3 player is fast.

3) Features

You can set the alarm for your sleep, and you can fall asleep listening to your favorite music, and the timer would shut off the player at the exact time set by you for your sleep.

4) Equalizer

You get a professional music player with this Mp3 free Apk download, and the equalizer helps you fiddle with music thus making this player a great app to download, and you can become a pro at creating music, and not just listening to music.

5) Lyrics

It has a great function which makes people get enchanted with this app. This function is the Lyrics tool. If you are listening to music in English, and you miss one or two lines of the lyrics, then you can opt to attend with the words in front of you. Great for when you do not understand heavy English accents.

6) Shake It function

It has a shake function, and when you shake the phone, the next song plays.

Overall, the rating of the app is 4.2.


  1. MP3 Player is incurred with a beautiful interface
  2. Any audio file formats are played in this app
  3. Incurred with advanced features like favorites and playlists
  4. On the mode of shuffle, any artist, album or playlist can be played
  5. Any song can be played anytime and also on any device such as mobile, tablet or your computer
  6. Awesome sound quality incurred in this MP3 Player can be enjoyed the most
  7. Very easy to access to your entire music library through the wide searches.
  8. Playlist of custom is incurred in this app
  9. Plays all MP3, MP4/M4A and many other files
  10. All songs can be played from folders and from own library

MP3 player app 9apps

To get the complete access of this MP3 Player on your Android devices, simply go on to the web store of 9apps download and get the installation directly without any worries, as it is extremely free of cost.

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