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Listen to Music Using MusiCool Free Android App:-

There are a lot of apps which enable you to listen to music free of cost by downloading the same music. All of these apps have the latest music which is chart-toppers. On this app, it is straightforward to find a song, give it a listen, and download all songs from the said album.

Now, how does one differentiate one good music app from another? There are ways, but we will go into that later, and first of all, we will introduce another cool app to you which is being called the free MusiCool app.

All music lovers would love this app. This is a particular to Android app. Here are some things that you need to know about the MusiCool music app and every user must know these things.


This app lets you listen to songs in not one but all languages. Also, you can change the UI language to any regional language depending upon which region you belong to. If you are not comfortable with English as your display language, then you can make Tamil your default language. You can thus listen to all classical music, and impress your friends with your knowledge of music.


The downloads are very simple. It merely needs one touch on the screen, and you can download the whole album or all the songs of your favorite actor.


The music is free, and you do not need to spend a single farthing on ever downloading any music on this app.

It is a lifestyle app, and by that, we mean that you should be a music lover, and for music lovers, this app is engaging as it gets.

The MusiCool app also has athlete music, and not just movies and albums. This app allows you to follow the celebs of your choice. You can use the app with your friends, and exchange music of each other’s decision, this app is more powerful than all other music apps, and at the same time it is also lighter, it is compatible with your lock screen and other music apps on your phone.

You can use any headset, and that would not interfere with the music quality. It is an app which has just recently become popular, but you will find no traffic of users when you are trying to download the files, it is one heck of an app, and everyone from oldies to kids would enjoy exploring music on this app. One thing should although be noted that it is an app to play music more than it is to download music, and if you use it as a music player, you can listen to songs already on the phone. You are likely to give the app good ratings.


  1. Incurs with the larger amount of music resources: New latest music grants and makes you feel the coolest experience
  2. Also grants access of a good collection of hot and classic tracks, coolest charts, popular and great artists around the world.
  3. All available music in this app can be enjoyed and listen anytime, anywhere
  4. Very easy to download. With just a single touch a user can download all tracks from the chart/album of your favourite stars. And enjoy the music to the fullest
  5. Fully accessed with super music manager: Collection of all music data for your unified management and importing of all your favourite music anywhere into your phone.

9apps MusiCool app

To get the most live and coolest experience of new Music and the exploration of various artists and genres, then this app is the best app to all Music lovers. As it is an excellent app, and to have the complete access o all music all-around, then simply download this app from none other 9apps vidmate website and explore the best way of enjoying the music to the fullest, exclusively free of cost, without incurring a single penny.

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