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MX Player is an Android app which helps you with collecting videos and all for free. It is being called an essential app which many people were waiting for a long time. Plenty of people are rushing to use this app. This app is now available on 9 apps. The download is fast, and there are no ads. It takes a small amount of space, so you do not need to worry about how much storage space goes into the download.

The MX Player app performs well, is smooth, and works well on all devices. There is hardware acceleration which means updates are more straightforward, the engineering costs are lower, there is lesser power consumption, and the app does not take up a lot of battery space, it works best such that graphics are supported, the app comes with hardware acceleration means your app performs better, and this happens as an inbuilt feature in this app.  All apps should have this feature.


All sizes of the videos can be played on this video player; there is multi-core decoding which means it has a multi-core processor which means better performance, more speed, more efficient performance, few people know that multi-core comes especially for video players and for multiplayer gaming. In video playing, you could also go for video editing which a multi-core processor takes care of.


It allows you to multi-task, the video player could be playing in one window, and you could be doing other work on some separate window. It supports subtitles which are a rare feature of video players, it supports all movie files. You get subtitles support and you might or might need to not find the subtitles files manually from the memory card, and connecting it to the video file. It has hi10p which means colors look better, and so do the overall graphics and video quality is also better, good processor optimization which gives you faster, a cleaner performance which is ideal for a novice user.


You get a superb playback feature. So, this playback feature means you can start your video where you left it off. This gives you a resume function, and now hassle-free video viewing is possible.


As far as the volume of videos is concerned, it can be set to 200%. This is done by enabling the software decoder which makes for better video playing, more extended lasting battery, and you could preserve power, and get high-performance video even when your phone or computer are running out of space.


The network stream can be played and not just limited to save files in phone memory. This function applies to only video player heavyweights.

Download the app from 9 apps by downloading the APK download. Without MX player, the Android is like a blank screen without a picture.

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