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Are you looking for some of the best apps out there to help you to watch some new movies and the movies on your mobile in a better way? Well, the best app that you can get is the MX player and this player can help you to play videos in a much better way and you don’t have to be worried about anything else when you are using the MX player app on your mobile phone. There are so many users out there that are using this app which can turn out to be a better choice for yourself. There are some really amazing features that you can get to see when using MX player app on your mobile. Here is a list of all these features that you can get from MX player and you should check this out for sure. So, let us get to it –

MX Player App

Download MX Player App Free From 9app APK Store

Download MX Player App Free From 9app APK Store

1) Support All Formats

There are a lot of formats out there for the videos ad if you are using MX player then you will see that you can get access to all of them. You can choose from FLV, MP4, MOV and many others such formats that you can use to play the movies and videos on your mobile phone using the MX player. These formats are available at different places and even if you have just converted such movies then you can use it on MX player without the conversion or the legwork as per.

2) Online Subtitles

There is a option that you can get when you are watching movies and at the same time if you want o look at the subtitles then you can download it while watching as there is a inbuilt thing for that. Click on the 3 dots on the right corner and click on the then on the online subtitles. Once you click on online subtitles then you can simply search for the subs as per your desire.

3) Recommended videos

There are many videos that you can get to see when you open the online option and there are some videos in there that are trending and you can even get to watch some episodes from series. You can use it to your desires and this thing can turn out to be beneficial for your videos and other such entertainment.

4) Network Stream

The network stream option is for people who love watching movies online and this thing can help you to watch online videos and even movies if you have the link to the file. You can get the link from the downloading website and then open the options where you can select the Network stream there and then put the link and click on open. You can choose the quality as per your needs and even the audio or the video file.

5) Adjust Size

You can crop and adjust the sizes of the videos that you are going to watch when using Mx player app on your mobile.

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