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In this app you get to explore Talking Angela’s world and enhance her beauty, fashion, hairstyle, makeup and home- all incurred with addiction and cutest mini games. My Talking Angela is a the acute Female Version of My Talking Tom, a Pou-or Tamagotchi-style game whereby you need to take care of this little cat Angela. It is an awesome and very addictive game app accessible for all Android devices. This is a protagonist and will begin as a kitten and with the help of you she’ll grow into a beautiful cat. This app incurs you with all the benefits of accessing a real cat, it is truly a virtual pet game, where you need to feed, groom, nurture, dress and play with the sassy star of Talking Angela. This talking Angela is a beautiful white-haired cartoon cat. And hence, while completing the assigned tasks you get to earn game stickers that incurs in saving a virtual sticker album to collect or to compete with other players.

My Talking Angela is fully accessible to children of all ages, and kids are sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Plenty of games are incurred with high quality of graphics and it is a very easy game to play. This game app is incurred Outfit7 and this app is presently available in the Language of English. And the downloads taken place until now is 118K. This app specially needs access on the Android devices supporting version of 41 and above. It was lastly launched on May 23, 2017. As per customer reviews this app is very much interesting and wonderful to play. Also, there are plenty of various other things in My Talking Angela and there are 3 fun filled mini games incurred in it such as Brick Breaker, Suitcase Tower and Tiny Puzzles. Games of such kind are easy to pick up and play, and very addictive too. This app can be easily accessed from 9 Apps without any worries.


Below mentioned are the authentic features of My Talking Angela, just check them out

  1. Through this app, adopt baby Angela as your own pet and give her a wonderful life. Make her grow into a stylish city kitty, incurring from teeth brushing upto clothes shopping
  2. Take special care of Angela as your own superstar. Pet her, sing to her and feed her various delicious treats.
  3. Incur Angela with colourful makeup by giving her a makeover style such as Lipstick, eye shadow, blush and keep doing it until your heart’s content.
  4. Fabulous Flair to Angela with various Fabulous dresses will  make Angela look beautiful
  5. Various other Games: Find and play various other amazing mini-games.

my talking angela games free download latest version 1 or 2

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