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Most people, especially kids love animals. They would love to have a pet animal, like a cute kitten and then take care of it, watch it grow into a cat and look after it. But due to various reasons, they cannot have a real pet in their house. This is where the mobile phone has its advantages. There are virtual pet apps available on your mobile phone, where you can keep a pet – not in your home but in your mobile phone.

This is a very nice option for kids who can take care of a pet and enjoy playing without bothering to actually look after it, as it is virtual. One of the most popular cats is Angela, the talking cat. There have been many apps of Angela and Talking Tom, that have been popular and liked by kids. Now the makers of these two characters have created this app called My Talking Angela games.

In this app, you adopt a kitten Angela and then take care of her virtually, brush her, groom her, dress her up and feed her. Angela then grows to a cat and you can continue looking after the cat and playing with her. Angela app allows you to dress up your cat. It can also dance for you. There are many inbuilt options like songs, dresses, fashion accessories, etc. Kids can enjoy using all these options on Angela and play the game.

Features of My Talking Angela Games:

  1. This is a virtual pet game, featuring a very famous character on the mobile, which is Talking Angela the cat.
  2. You can adopt Angela when she is a kitten and then start playing with her and watch her grow. This feature will be really appreciated by kids.
  3. You can groom Angela and make her look beautiful. There are a lot of features available in the game, using which you can groom Angela, dress her up, make her look more beautiful. This is essentially a fashion game also, where you can select and apply fashionable costumes and makeup. There are many accessories available in the app, which you can use and have a great time.
  4. The app is from outfit7 and there are a lot of promotions, where the design and fashion products and accessories from outfit7 are displayed to you. If you like it, you can make an in-store purchase and use it for Angela.
  5. A dance studio is a great option available in this game for you to enjoy. You can play any of the songs available and Angela starts dancing. You will be surprised by Angela’s dance steps. This dance option will be enjoyed not just by kids but by everyone.

Below mentioned are the authentic features of My Talking Angela, just check them out

  1. Through this app, adopt baby Angela as your own pet and give her a wonderful life. Make her grow into a stylish city kitty, incurring from teeth brushing upto clothes shopping
  2. Take special care of Angela as your own superstar. Pet her, sing to her and feed her various delicious treats.
  3. Incur Angela with colourful makeup by giving her a makeover style such as Lipstick, eye shadow, blush and keep doing it until your heart’s content.
  4. Fabulous Flair to Angela with various Fabulous dresses will  make Angela look beautiful
  5. Various other Games: Find and play various other amazing mini-games.

My Talking Angela games free download latest version 1 or 2

My Talking Angela games can be enjoyed by the kids in your house, who can play this game for hours together looking after their virtual pet. To play this game, you can install it easily on your mobile phone by downloading the apk file from the 9apps APK or websites.

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