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There are numerous apps that you can use to keep an eye on the story, and then there is nothing that can stop you from staying abreast because you get news in your native tongue. The news is also available on this app in multiple regional languages. All communication is breaking news, and you can make the most of it. This is one of the best apps that you can use to read stuff online, and you can make the best out of this app when you download it on your phone. You can read the news in the online format obviously, but this app shows you news even when you go offline.

How to operate the website?

This is the most successful Indian language news app in the country right now, and you can read breaking news in languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi besides Hindi.  

1) Look out for your favorite section

NewsDog app would only be found in news and magazines section although the makers of this app believe that the app found success when they gave it a game app like a twist. It covers news in a raunchy way, and if you are the kinds who like a little drama in the story, then the headlines are the right fit for you. From cricket controversies to scores, to Bollywood and beauty, you would find everything.

2) Reviews from Customers

You would be surprised to know that right on arrival, this app has been rated the best, and the Chinese makers are minting money and are proud.

3) Competitions

The rating that is given to this online app is also because it makes the readers earn cash. For instance, the app would ask you to predict the cricket score after 20 overs and out of all the correct entries, few would be given a cash prize of Rs. 5000, and this is just one of the ways that the online website makes you earn money.

Features of the NewsDog App

There are many features that you can get from NewsDog App and here are all those things that you can get –

1) Easy and safe Personalization

The settings are such that when you tell the app your preferences, then the app shows you more of what is relevant to you. When you personalize, the app would suddenly show you all the beneficial things such as how you can get Jio deals in your area, or how you can learn the new features and characteristics that Whatsapp has introduced. You can also personalize by making your lock screen show news snippets.

2) Customer Care

24×7 support is there, and you can write your review for the app, and how you think the app can be improved, there is a customer service and discussion page of the app on Facebook. You can join this Facebook page, and become part of the community of NewsDog.

3) Job Offers

The NewsDog app is looking for people to write for them because the makers are just starting in the field, so content writers and journalists are welcome.

Authentic features of this NewsDog app, have a look at them

  1. News Incurred with Weather Forecast and all Local News: All Local news and weather conditions of Delhi, Lucknow or Kanpur or even the smaller towns such as UP and Bihar, you can stay updated with all live happenings in your area all the time.
  2. News can be viewed Offline: No need of internet connection required for this app, just select the topics and read them offline.
  3. News various other Languages: This app also provides news in Hindi, Tamil News, Telugu News, Punjabi News, Malayalam news and Kannada News.
  4. Module of NEWS: Stay tuned in with the current major events such as check out the latest performance of Indian Cricket team in every Champions Trophy match. Also get the latest updates about Jio deal and new functions of whatsapp
  5. Personalized News: NewsDog analyzes your preferences from your reading habits, and chooses the most relevant and interesting top  news for you from millions of daily news.

Newsdog App Download – indian hindi breaking news free APK download

Finally, after coming across all the features of this app, you get to know that this app is fun and very addictive too. So to stay tuned with all live updates, just switch on to 9 Apps without incurring a single penny as it is extremely free of cost and get the immediate installation done without any hassles.

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