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Nine Game is a free software application game especially accessed on all Android devices. It is accessible in the subcategory of Card Games and listed in the category of Games and Entertainment. The actual publisher of this game is Michael Matveev. The 9Game is currently applicable in the language of English and was lastly updated on 16-01-2016. This game app very well supports all Android games. And thousands of the top best Android games are fully accessible in the 9Games app. Get the download of these games for your Android mobile now and enjoy the extreme benefits incurred in it.  The Nine games especially an excellent card game. The 9Game is a powerful booster of game and is a very casual games for Android. This app can provide you the top most Android games for free. The size of this 9Game is of about 2.2M and the application download version of this app is of about 2.10. This 9Game can be easily downloaded and installed on the android devices supporting version of about 8 and above and it works very well on it. The overall actual rating of Nine Game is 3.7.

This is actually a Card Game, the main concept of this game is it consists of a number of rounds. And at the beginning of a round each player is assigned with 30 stake coins at the Bank. Then cards are dealt among the players. The card player with Nine of Diamonds begins the game. The next player continues moving clockwise with either eight or ten of diamonds or the Nine of other suits can be played. Simultaneously, the closest ranking card in the suit can be played wherein the nine of the suit has been laid out. At the end, an Ace is placed at most right side and a Six-at the left side. And if in case the player does not have a suitable card then he must pass the game and deposit 10 coins at the Bank. And thus, the round comes to an end when one player has completed all his cards. And he will be the winner. He captures all the money from the Bank. Then, the next round can be started all over again.



Now look  at the below mentioned Key features of this app, and be a part of it

  1. 9 Game is accessed with full HD resolution supported up to 1920×1080
  2. The Three Card Deck Graphics such as Atlasnye, Renaissance and Skat is featured in this app
  3. Over Wi-Fi network Single player or multiplayer can very play the game

nine games – free download games APK app store for Android

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