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Off-Road US Army transport sim mod Android download game:-

Titan game productions have introduced a new game in the Android gaming arena. This game is for you if you like offroading, and if you want to game. This is for speed maniacs, and there is nothing wrong with spending some time playing a make-believe US army game. Therefore, this is also for all the people who follow the news and are patriots. All these people will especially enjoy the game. This game is from the simulation category. All simulation games are very real, and so is this one.

The makers knew a thing or two about the US army and framed the game accordingly. For example, the jeep you are driving is a 4X4 jeep, and other vehicles that have been introduced are also found in an army base.

The vehicles are high for those who are vehicle enthusiasts, all cars cost different, and depends on how successfully you play the game that you can afford the cars. You will have a car at your command, and you will earn points at gaining milestones, the game is 3D and HD. The graphics are pretty neat.

This works on all Android versions such as Android 4.0 and above.


The music is light. The pace of the game is maintained because of the music.


It takes less than 5 minutes to download and start playing the game. The download is simple. The downloads are thus quick, and simple. Even a kid can download the game.


The concept is that you have to transfer and transport US army cars, and cargo from one place to another. For that, you might have to use a car, or you might have to use a helicopter which depends on the level on which you are. When you are driving through tough terrains to transfer the military equipment to the military base is where offroading comes into the picture, the enemy would fire at your helicopter, there will be small waterlogged portions you need to drive through, and you need to showcase your navigation and driving skills to win at the game. You earn at the game by collecting diamonds, and those are found anywhere in the terrain, but they shine, so you will not have a problem identifying the same out of all the places.


This game is gaining the popularity it deserves, and it is being said that you will forget all other army games when you play this game. The game has been given a rating of 4.2.


This is precisely the kind of game where you feel like making in-app purchases. The gameplay is excellent, and all the minor bugs and fixes that you might think you need are not required. The in-app purchases are not at all expensive and have been priced at less than INR 200.


Assigned below are the extreme features of this game app, do have a look at them

  1. Surprised Offroad transport and driving sim of 2017
  2. Flying a Helicopter as Pro Amy Pilot feel the experience and enjoy the best of it
  3. Offroad Adventure is incurred with various transport missions
  4. Offroad turns are incurred with very dangerous jeeps, trucks, Helicopter and many more
  5. This game app is incurred with awesome 3D graphics and well engaged with sound effects

offroad us army transport sim mod apk free download

To get the experience of Offroad US Army Transport just get the access of this game app on your device by clicking on 9apps web store and get the quick installation done without incurring a single fee on it. As it is absolutely free of cost. And enjoy the game to the fullest.

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