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Opera Mini Mini Browser is an amazing excellent app for all Android users worldwide. It is considered to be as the World’s fastest browsers, quite safe, secure and customizable for browsing all your needs. This app allows the Android users to do anything online without wasting data plan. Through this app lot of data gets saved and can be easily downloaded from social media and other websites.

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Opera Mini Browser has every expected thing needed while browsing. This app has a very good rating of 4.40 out of 4 all based on the reviews of various customers of around 3,972,368 all around the globe. Therefore, Opera Mini Browser is the fastest and quickest app for all Android users and goes extremely out of its way to save the data in its background. Thus, the mobile users are enjoying the extreme growing popularity of this web browser, which is totally shocking to the number of mobile data connection users that has been increasing every year.

All play market and App Store have different kinds of mobile web browsers to be downloaded and used, whereby all the browsers are not at all worthful regardless of your time. Some other web browsers have plenty of ads interfering in between and distracting the users. Whereas, this Mini Opera Browser if totally free of all such disadvantages. Opera Mini Browser is very much suitable for the phones made of- Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Micromax, Gionee, Karbonn, MTS.

This app blocks all ads and has a very well built-in ad blocker incurred in it, whereby the user can browse without any ads. Thus, we can come across around 250 million people worldwide simply loving this Opera Mini web browser. This mini web browser was updated on 12th January 2015 and was made in Scandinavia. This app is extremely available in 9 Apps extremely free of cost.


Various New and Improved Features are incurred in this app, and thereby, find out why millions of people are using this web browser:

  • Updates on Cricket: Opera Mini Browser gives live scores status update of cricket with a fastest technology of compression
  • Sites are Scanned automatically while downloading movie and music: Without searching the website with the easiest mode video and audio files can be easily downloaded. And thus in extreme mode, Opera Mini will scan the site and let us know what file are available while downloading
  • Notification bar on Facebook: In this app the new bar has been added for your notification drawer and it keeps you up to date on the latest news and activity from your profile

Opera Mini 9Apps

An Opera Mini Browser is an excellent browser with loads of handy functions with the loading speed of the web pages. Therefore, get on to the fastest ways of browser on your mobile and from it 9apps free download without any delay.

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