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Many people get excited with the concept of finding English language apps which improve their vocabulary, their spelling,  their pronunciation and now there are a lot of apps in the online market. One such app is the Oxford dictionary app. 

Oxford dictionary app is one of the many free mobile apps meant mainly for the English language; it also has meanings of famous words from other languages that have become incorporated into the English language. Most common English words have been given more importance. When you are trying to download the app, you will see lesser to no ads, and that makes for a pleasant browsing experience

On the other contrary, this Oxford English Dictionary obtains a greater record of all of the core words and meanings in English for over more than 1,000 years, ranging from old English to the present day. And moreover, every meaning are assembled and arranged in a chronological manner in this dictionary. As we all know, today Dictionary plays a major important role in the life’s of every individual whether it is a school going child, a college student, graduate or even to the teachers.

Let us look at some features :


  • Who all are to be benefited?


This name ‘ Oxford English Dictionary’ itself sounds promising. All the words that have been incorporated in the English dictionary in 2018 would have their meanings in the dictionary. It includes all the Old English words and New English words. This dictionary can help everyone including school going kids to parents or teachers who could prescribe this app to their children. Postgraduate students and corporate company employees who wish their English was better than how their command over English is now at present can also use this app.

  1.     Order of arrangement of words

All words are in alphabetical order and can be searched as such, and there is also an option to go for the direct search of the word and its meaning, and you would get the relevant results.

  1. Words, Expressions, and Sentences

Words can obviously be searched. This app also helps you understand the meaning of a particular new sentence that you have come across.

There are expressions of the English language which are also covered. So, you do not just know a lot more words, but also English language expressions which you can use in common parlance. In today’s date, there are more than three lakh words,  phrases, and expressions in the dictionary. The dictionary is also regionally rich, and you would find a lot of words in regional languages. It can thus also work as a translator.

  1. User Interface

The UI is very, and it is simple to find the word meaning with just a click on the search bar. There are four themes that you can choose from which decides how aesthetic you want your search to be, and how beautiful you want your UI to look. You could be looking for spelling and that also you would find with the help of the feature called Fuzzy Filter.

  1. Spelling

If you do not know the spelling, you could also find the voice recording instructions. There is also a camera search. You can review looked up words by going to the ‘Recent Search’ option. You can also work with this app in the offline mode. The rating of the app is 4.1 Overall, a great app.

  1. Compatibility

Not to forget, this app works with all the devices whether it is Android phones or Apple phones. The app is regularly updated and was last updated in 2018.

key features are:-

  1. Alphabetical Order: Every letter or word in this Dictionary is being well assembled in an alphabetical manner so that every user is convenient is finding the exact meaning of words.
  2. Direct search: Users can also find in lots of other things and can straightly occur at the correct word they are searching for.
  3. Meaning of a sentence: This app provides few sentences along with words meaning in it in order to very well understand the meaning of it.


Finally, this app is most popularized beneficial app not only to all students but it also applies to all those who are very much connected to some point in life. So to grab the instant download of this Oxford Dictionary on your device, go directly to the app store of 9 apps install download without any worries absolutely free of cost.

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