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Oxigen Wallet App:-

Oxigen Wallet app

Are you on the lookout for some app which will serve as your e-wallet whereby you can receive payments, make payments, and get your phone recharged? Are you looking for a digital wallet?

If yes then Oxigen wallet is for you. You can download it from your apple store, window play store and android play store. This multi-functionality means that your e-wallet works with your android, windows, and Apple devices. You can download this e-wallet with ease, it is a fast download and download without getting a virus on your device of choice. No ads will crop up when you are downloading this fantastic app.

Let us look at some features of the Oxigen wallet :

Logging In.

There are above millions of users who are using this app conveniently. When you pay with this app, you earn coupons; you need to make an online account on the app and log in. You even get referral points.  But, the app allows you to go about browsing through without the need to log in immediately. This means an app which does not get you irritated at any time for demands to log in and then follow up.

Cash Back

Not just that, but you get cash backs too. Every online app is selling goods with good cash back options, and therefore this app makes you earn a second way also, and that is through cash backs. It is always a good idea to pay using this app such that you can avail massive discounts.

Bill Payment

As far as sending money is concerned, it is as good as Paytm which happens to be the most used e-wallet in today’s time. You can send and transfer money through this app. So, you can use this app when you want to pay for shopping, or when you want to pay for some service you availed. The concept is merely excellent. Not just that, you can pay electricity and gas bills using this app.

Gift Cards

This app can also be used to gift. There are gift cards available on this app, and you could give friends and family some awesome gift cards, and they may appreciate it that you are letting them buy a gift of their own choice. Oxigen wallet has partnered with Pantaloons, Fab India, Raymond, and US Polo to send gifts to your loved ones.

Similarly, when a friend falls short of cash, and you are in a different city and want to give them a loan, they can quickly be paid using this app. What a way to do someone a favor or two!

Safety and Customer Service

The transactions are all safe and secure, and you do not need to feel unsafe that a deal might fall into the wrong hands. There is also the Prepaid Visa app that comes with Oxigen wallet. The customer service is excellent, and when you want to inquire about a deal that hasn’t worked out until now, and you are anxious then the customer service would come to aid. The customer support is 24*7. The cashless system is pretty highly rated.

  • Sending Money: You can acquire the access of sending money to any mobile number on any network in India
  • Paying Online: Payment of Online mobile recharges of DTH recharge such as Datacard recharge, postpaid phone, utility bills and so on through a quicker instant can be done through the access of Oxigen Wallet app.
  • Gift Option: Gift your friends with the most favorable things they love.
  • Low Amount: Within the access of this app do ask money from your friends without any worries when fallen sort of cash
  • Shopping: Shopping online can be done by utilizing this app
  • Prepaid Visa: It is the most innovative offering from Oxigen Wallet which grants you the power to make all payments with security online.


Finally, if you want to obtain a continuous experience of mobile recharges and online payments without any struggle then attain the instant download of Oxigen Wallet from the extent of 9apps store without any issues and enjoy the best perfect experience of utilizing this app to the complete extent without any worries.

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