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There must have been times when you wanted a secure, and attractive lock for your phone device, and therefore we are introducing the new app to you which is Parallax lock. It is called the photo pattern lock screen.

Features of the Parallax Pattern Screen Lock App Free

3D locking

The phone lock is intriguing. It works entirely without the user paying a single penny. It works on Android 4.1 and above. It can be found on the listed apps without you having to worry about searching for the app. The lock mode is parallel locking or what is also called Parallax pattern lock screen, and it has a wallpaper to go with the app. Parallax locking means 3D locking.

It is the best the locking app, and now your phone no longer has the problem with someone swiping your phone without your consent.


You get more than 50 images that can be used as a wallpaper. This image can be your go-to image which gives you peace of mind. This wallpaper would be the most looked at part of your phone for times to come so you should find this app exciting.  You get to 150 digital clocks on your phone. So, you go ahead and choose between clocks. This makes your device safe and secure. For more security, go for fingerprint locking. This is also anti-theft protection for your phone.

Safe app

It is a pattern lock; the access is smoothly controlled, you can change the color of date and time on your phone. All this is possible with this app. The languages of the app are many, and it is not just Hindi and English. The app is safe to use, and when you are downloading, you do not get a virus on your phone. This is one of the personalization apps.

WiFi and Alarm

With this app, you can switch on and switch off your WiFi. You can also switch the alarm off and on with this app. You can open and close the camera on your phone with just a tap of the button on this application. Documents can be opened, and edited with the use of this app. You can access your external storage capability with this app. This app has more than 20k users thus far; the app is also DO IT YOURSELF in no small extent.

User Interface

The UI is graphical; it saves memory and battery from the phone. You disable the home key without which no one can open the phone. You can choose a good font for your phone with the use of this app. You can see your missed calls without unlocking your phone and without doing the same, you can also go through a list of your unread messages. You also get a safe keyboard with which you can write safely without there being privacy hang up.

When you genuinely love your phone, then you should get phone animation to unlock your phone. Just as promised, this app has something for everyone, it is for screens of all sizes, and it is free.

The application has been rated 4.2 on 5.  

Check out for the below mentioned optimistic features of this app

  1. Very easily accessible to set a lock on the screen on your device
  2. Quite smoothest and beautiful to have the access of it on your device
  3. Good effect of pattern password can be set up on this app
  4. Background of the lock screen can be changed without any difficulty
  5. All your photos can be set into button format
  6. Change of color size date and time
  7. Very well supports all kinds of languages incurred on them
  8. This app has the complete access of supporting all devices of phone and tablet
  9. Attains very less memory and battery


Finally, to have the access of this app on your device, you need to simply move on to the app store of 9apps through the APK.file without any hassles as it is exclusively free of cost.

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