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A Lock Screen incurring with photos is one of the most awesome and interesting app accessed by millions of people all over the world and are very much impressed in installing this app on their Android device as it is fully accessible without a single payment incurred on it. And this app can be fully attained and accessed on all Android devices attaining the supporting version of about 4.1 and above. The actual current version of this app is of about 3.1.3. The app is offered by Lock screen Password and can be found accessible in the listed category of Tools app without any worries. This app consists of the parallel effect pattern locking method and is been set up with the beautiful theme of wallpaper. One of the most useful applications which are very well designed to guide and protect your phone from being misused by others.

A user can do plenty of things to attain their own lock screen, or even set up a background for the wallpapers provided in the collections given. Thus, after the extreme and wonderful success of Passcode Photo Lock Screen, this app was one of the best locking screen app for your device. Also the user can attain and select of about 50+ in-built background images in order to customize your Photo Screen Lock. This lock screen is the best way to keep your device secure and safe and nobody can just unlock it without exactly knowing the pattern of unlocking the app. Moving further, if in case your friends take your phone to play games then it might be very difficult for them to unlock it without your access on it. So, to attain the service and benefits of this app on your device, simply click on the app store of 9 Apps without any hassles. But before downloading, let us just have a look at the below mentioned features.


Check out for the below mentioned optimistic features of this app

  1. Very easily accessible to set a lock on the screen on your device
  2. Quite smoothest and beautiful to have the access of it on your device
  3. Good effect of pattern password can be set up on this app
  4. Background of the lock screen can be changed without any difficulty
  5. All your photos can be set into button format
  6. Change of color size date and time
  7. Very well supports all kinds of languages incurred on them
  8. This app has the complete access of supporting all devices of phone and tablet
  9. Attains very less memory and battery


Finally, to have the access of this app on your device, you need to simply move on to the app store of 9apps through the APK.file without any hassles as it is exclusively free of cost.

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