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Are you one of those who like the concept of zombies attacking your home one day, and you saving the world then this plants sweep zombie game is for you? This game is for all those who do not like gore, but like the idea of seeing zombies on screen then again they would find the concept a lot of fun.

The concept of online gaming has changed. The graphics are now better, the music is better and so is the game play. Android games are a treat to the eyes, and the game loads fast. The concept is more modernized and innovative. The name of the game we are talking about here is Plants Sweep Zombie. It is a 9 App Game.

This game is a real zombie game, so there is a lot of violence such as blood, some gun powder, and a lot of bomb chemical. You have to fight against zombies, and you cannot do that without wiping them out and using destructive weapons. The game is action packed and a great new Android game. The concept is that zombies have attacked, it is the end of the world, and plants are saving the planet, you get to see plants lined up on one side and zombies on the other hand, and a battle is going on, and the whole line of defense is shown so that the fight is fair.


Plants Sweep Zombie 9App

Plant Sweep Zombie Game On Android

Plant Sweep Zombie Game On Android

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Story Line

The range of action is your house. The game asks for your name at first, and then it suggests that zombies have attacked your home, and you have to start planting trees which can kill the zombies. To make sure that the plants can kill zombies, you have to collect enough sunlight, and sunlight is shown to fall from the sky, and you have to receive all the falling sun to plant enough trees. Trees automatically kill the attacking zombies when you have enough sunlight collected with you, and two plants can kill 4-5 zombies. The graphics of plants, zombies and the whole ambiance is pretty believable.


The air smells of war. You need to launch bullets with the help of 8 varieties of plants. Zombie blood and flesh are flying in the air, and you get to see the unique abilities of plants. The rating of the game is 5 on 5. The music is pretty good and sounds ominous, and the design is a worthy accolade, and the story is a bit comical alongside being radiant in war. Since zombies have attacked your own house, therefore, the story sounds a lot of fun.

In purchase app

If you want to go about ad-free gaming which is a new feature of modern gaming, then you need to spend a little amount, and ad-free playing has been made an in purchase app.

Download Game in Web and Apps Formats from 9apps

To be frank, unlike Google play store, at 9apps store supports both mobile apps and web application   methods.  So, you should choose the specific format which is suitable to your device to download this gorgeous game free.

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File download manager of 9apps store updates customers about the downloading process.  The instant preview   is showcased to help customers to be well concerned with progress in software downloading process.  9apps gaming portal has a brilliant customer care office online. So, reduce your stress through   effective conversation with experts to take care of any intricate issue in this connection.

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