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Pokemon Go is a free Android app initiated by Niantic, Inc especially assigned for the devices like iOS and Android is extremely in use by plenty of users worldwide. The game was the combining work between Niantic and Nintendo incurred by the Pokemon Company, was got released only in few countries in the year July 2016. This game specially acquires the mobile device’s GPS of the players for the ability to capture, locate, battle, and train virtual creatures, named as Pokemon which are noted on the screen as though they seem to be of the real-world locating as the player. This app was considered as a global phenomenon and was recognized as one of the most useful and profitable apps of mobile in the year 2016. This app seems to have been downloaded by 500 million people worldwide. This is an amazing app with the travelling incurred among the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon for iPhone and Android devices.

This app is incurred on the Real World Gaming of Niantic’s Platform and will achieve various locations to enhance the players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokemon. As you keep on going exploring your surroundings, Pokemon GO grants you complete access to search and catch more than a hundred species of Poekmon all around. Through this app, you can access as many cities and town around you and also where you live and even around the globe to capture as many Pokemon as you can. Your Smartphone will vibrate to make your aware that you are nearing a Pokemon. When, once you have caught hold of, then you can aim at your Smartphone’s touch screen and throw a Poke Ball to catch it. Thus, be very careful, when you are trying to catch it, or it might move away from you. As your move forward, to get the complete access of this game app on your device switch on to 9 Apps and check out all the details and get it instantly.


Assigned below are the utmost unique features of Pokemon GO, just have a look at them

  1. Finding Far and Wide: Search for Water-type Pokemon by lakes and oceans
  2. Capture, Hatch, surround and many more: As the user keeps moving on the level one by one, you will be able to catch more-powerful Pokemon to complete your Pokedex.
  3. Take all your Gym battles and defend your Gym: In this game app, you can assign your Pokemon to defend it against all the enemies.

Pokémon GO gameplay app APK free download latest version android

This app is extremely free to play without incurring any penny in it. And it can be very well from 9apps fast download without any worries. After installing get the extreme benefits of this app to the full extent and enjoy the most of it.

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