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Police Photo Suit Dress Frame app apk

Have you admired police officers and wished that you could look as smart and strong as them? Have you admired how powerful and respected police are and wanted to dress like them? Have you wanted to get dressed like a police officer? If you have answered yes, then all your wishes can get fulfilled thanks to the Police photo suit dress frame app. This is an app that has pictures of police and related uniforms. You can blend your photo with the uniform and make it appear like as though you are a police officer and dressed like one. You can save these photos and show off to your friends and watch them go ‘wow’ seeing your look.

You don’t have to worry about getting a police uniform on a rental if you want to have a photo of yourself in police dress. All you have to do is just download this app. Once you install, you can select any police costume that you like. Upload your photograph and then instantly and magically the two are merged and a photo of you in police dress is created.

This is a great feature for those who like to dress like a police officer. You can use this photo as your DP or background and feel proud of the police. Don’t worry if you couldn’t become a police officer, you can see your photo dressed as one and feel pride in it. This is a great app with one of the best photo style options to have on your mobile phone.

Features of Police Photo Suit Dress Frame app:

  1. There are multiple police photographs in this app. There are even uniforms of military officers available for you to make use of.
  2. Download your photo from the gallery or you can even take a fresh photo and then add it to the selected uniform to get the result you were always looking for.
  3. One the photo is selected, keep clicking on the police dress button and one by one each of the dresses are shown on your frame. You can see how you look in different types of police dresses. When you find the dress you like, select it and then you can save the photo on to your mobile’s SD card. You can even save your photo in all of the dress types, no problems.
  4. There are editing options available. You can zoom in to the photo, rotate and do other operations till you are satisfied with the look in the photo.
  5. The app is absolutely free of charge, no payment for anything.

So if you want to see how you would look in a police uniform, then you can make use of this very interesting Police photo suit dress app. You can create your photo with different types of uniforms and save the photos for your use. This app is easy to download and install. All you have to do is visit the 9Apps website, where you can find this fun app.

  • Simple and very easily accessible to use this Police Suits
  • Select your Photo from Gallery and click out a new photo with your camera and place yourself in the police dress in which you would like to see yourself in.
  • Click and Choose the Police Dress button and you can keep on changing one by one to change your Police Dresses.
  • For fitting the photo on your suit this app is incurred with zoom and rotate option in it
  • On Photo suit Folder save your image to SD card

Police Photo Suit dress frame app APK free download android

If you would like to see yourself in different ranges of Police dresses, then try out his app completely on your device and obtain the access to seeing yourself in Police suit. This simple app has all images of suit incurred in the HD and hence there is ultimately no internet connection needed at all. So, get the installation of this 9apps done instantly on your device without any hassles.  

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