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This app we are discussing is a driving app which is called Real Truck Parking Mania 2018, and it is a driving game unlike any other. There are many an app where you can showcase your driving skills and parking skills, but this game stands out. Why does it stand out? The game stands out because it has many powerful features. The game revolves around the concept that there is a city with minimal parking space, and you need to park correctly. This game checks for your presence of mind and your alertness. Real Truck Parking Mania also checks how accurately you can park a car; your practical driving skills would come to the front as you decide the exact amount of space which the vehicle will take.

Features of the Real Truck Parking Mania

The game is available in multiple languages. The game is addictive, the UI is excellent, the music is good, and there are eight cars on display. You can modify all these cars. With each passing level, the game gets more robust, and you need to park in trickier spaces. All you have is three controls to make sure you are parking right. Not just the car parking ability, but you know how of acceleration, and braking, and twists and turns would also be taken into account.

These are the following features of the app which you should know about :


The controls are pretty believable, you get a rear view mirror image on your screen, you have steering, and you also have a tilt tool at your disposal, and even parking sensors, you will be checked for your ability to park at multi-storey, the sounds of cars zooming, and bikes screeching is very real. You can have your dream garage at your disposal. The ambiance of the vehicle is such as if you were inside the car cockpit. One of the controls of the game is the maps.


The in-app purchases can be switched off by going into settings. When you switch off the in-app stuff, then your game is free which is pretty unusual for such an exciting game. But, when you want to make a game purchase, you could buy extra lives, and you can remove ads. You can unlock all cars in one go if you pay, so there is a lot of excitement that you can expect.


Play the game, and check if the car you have been driving is the car that has won the most voted car, and then there are other things such as a new gas pedal system, angle of the steering, and there is always the fun of knowing that every 3 days, there is an additional five lakh people being added to the list of players.

The game developers have rated this game a perfect 5. Most players have rated this game 4.5.

Download Real Truck Parking Mania  from 9Apps right now and enjoy driving heavy duty cargo transporter trucks in the realistic 3D environment.

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